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Nuk Orthodontic Bottles

Has anyone tried the Nuk Orthodontic bottles. If so, care to share your opinion?
I previously used the Playtex Ventaire with my first two but they have changed the design since then and have read very bad reviews for the new style. Looking to try something new this time and interested in the Nuk.
Thanks in advance!

Re: Nuk Orthodontic Bottles

  • I used them for both my kids. I love them! They're reasonably priced, widely available and I never had any issues with leaking or any of the parts breaking. They're also easy to wash. The parts for different stages (bottle, sippy cup, etc.) are all interchangeable too! The first stage sippy cup has a removable base that fits the bottles too, so baby can easily practice holding the bottle. All of the lids and nipples for the various stages are also interchangeable. I highly recommend the whole Nuk system!
  • Thanks so much @hopeholloway!! Thats just the input I was hoping for!
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  • I bought tons of them after baby loved them! They're awesome! Won't use anything else and I've already stocked up on medium flow ones too
  • Thanks @augboy. I find out babies gender on the 20th and plan to stock up on gender appropriate designs soon after!
    Does anyone use the pacifiers as well?
  • Don't stock up until you know your baby likes them. All babies have different preferences. Get singles of a few different kinds, figure out what he or she likes and then stock up.
  • Good call @CaboBride2015. That will be a good job for thee hubby after our peanut has arrived (stocking up on lil ones preferred)
  • That's our plan too. We got several freebies from doing our registries and other places we shopped so if you haven't done that yet it's a nice way to get some testers for free!
  • My baby isn't picky about bottle brands cause they're all different but I prefer to use NUK because my teeth grew in crooked and I want to try to make sure my son has straight teeth. He used both the hospital and NUK pacifiers but after a day only wanted the NUK. He also spits up less when we use the NUK compared to the Walmart bottles.
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