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Had successful VBAC last september...pregnant again

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So I had my second baby girl last September via VBAC all natural. I labored at home about 7 hours, got stuck in traffic en route to hospital for about an hour, and had her maybe an hour after arriving. It was awesome and painful...all that good stuff. Now we're expecting our third. We're in a different city where we don't really have family to watch after the girls while in in labor/giving birth and I was considering home birth this go around so my hubby can be there for the birth. He would be so bummed out having to stay in the lobby and miss it. Have any opinions? Would love any input/success stories

Re: Had successful VBAC last september...pregnant again

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  • If home birth isn't an option to you, you could always look into hiring a sibling doula. They are doulas hired specifically to take care of your children during your birthing time.

  • We are having an hbac and we've hired a doula who will help with our daughter
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  • No experience with a home birth however have you thought about just bringing the kiddos into the room with you at the hospital? My daughter was at the hospital with us while we waited for her to be picked up by my BFF but before she was picked up, one of the nurses asked if we needed a nurse to watch her while I delivered. I'm not sure how stressful it would be for you with them in the room, but it's just a thought if home birth doesn't work out for you. 

    Good luck either way!

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  • They don't allow VBAC home birth where I'm from. Some law midwives have to follow.
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