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Daycare Centers - Columbia/ Ellicott City

I came across another post that started a few years ago on this topic, but it wouldn't let me reply to it for some reason.  I am looking for a good daycare center in the Columbia/ Ellicott City area for my 2 yr old and am wondering if opinions of centers have changed since the original post.  I am really struggling with my decision after seeing many places because none of them are perfect and of course I want perfection when it comes to caring for my daughter.  Every time I find one that I think will be the one, something turns up that makes me reconsider.  Things like teachers not being engaged enough with the kids or the center being too dirty and some even being located right next to a gas station.  Does anyone go to a center that they highly recommend and that is pretty consistent across age groups?  I'd like to not have to move my daughter again after this time.  I just want a place that I know she'll be well cared for where the teachers and nurturing and really engaged with the kids, and where they have plenty of structured activities for learning as well as physical time to get their energy out and build those skills.  Thoughts on being next to a gas station?  Thanks!
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Re: Daycare Centers - Columbia/ Ellicott City

  • I would like to follow this, I have the same concerns which is why I currently have a nanny and because we also need weekend care. However, I do not feel my son is getting enough time with kids his age. I also have an 8 month old who requires care and I'd like to send them both to the same center, part-time. Or a recommended home daycare. 
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  • The Young School at King’s Contrivance has been such a wonderful experience for my soon to be Kindergartener!  He began attending when he we two years old and has enjoyed three fun-filled years there that has prepared him for kindergarten and beyond.  Most impressive is the way that he has gained such confidence and competence in the way that he problem solves, expresses himself in a very positive and proactive way, and has learned to build compassionate and nurturing friendships with the other children.  The Reggio Emilia based curriculum is outstanding, supporting project-based, hands-on learning through exploration, play, and critical thinking which I know has supported my son with getting him ready for school; I can hear him analyzing and thinking in creative ways and I know this is due to the encouragement of the teachers at school.  I have to put a plug in for Mr. Nick.  He has been a profound influence on my son who absolutely adores him.  Mr. Nick has been with Aiden since he was two years old.  That kind of continuity speaks volumes for the kind of program The Young School inspires.  The teachers are kind, caring, knowledgeable, and most importantly, they love the children.  Finally, I will say that The Young School has created a friendly environment that promotes family engagement and a sense of community for children and parents.  My husband and I have felt supported and encouraged to participate in a variety of ways and know that our opinion matters as parents.  We would recommend this school to any parent that is looking for a high-quality early childhood education program.

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  • We are looking for inhome care or day care center for February 2016 for our infant. We recently joined as they let you pay month by month and can see reviews from other members.
  • ashlwighs said:

    We are looking for inhome care or day care center for February 2016 for our infant. We recently joined as they let you pay month by month and can see reviews from other members.

    I'm due in February as well and am actually a nanny for, you have to be a little careful on that site because some profiles are fake, but if you go for the people with the basic background checks they charge less. :) just so you know! There is actually a day care in Columbia I was going to work for that's in home and takes kids of all ages, but being pregnant I didn't want to worry about that many kids at one time.
  • My daughter was at La Petite off of route 100 from 20 months til 5.5 years (she started Kindergarten this year). I loved it. I was worried about her speech at the time she started, but once she was around so many little ones she began talking more. The director is great, but the assistant director that was there the entire time my DD was there is now at the La Petite in Kings Contrivance, so I would recommend both locations.
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