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Middle name ideas for Matilyn

missey981missey981 member
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my husbands name is Matt so that's where we came up with matilyn. We are undecided on middle names. He wants to use my middle name which is Cheyne....any thoughts would be great ;)

Middle name ideas for Matilyn 27 votes

matilyn Cheyne
55% 15 votes
Matilyn Chevelle
7% 2 votes
Matilyn ?????
37% 10 votes

Re: Middle name ideas for Matilyn

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  • No thank you.
  • How about Marilyn?
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  • Madeline. Or Mattie.
  • Or is it a hard ch sound like chain?

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  • mb0112mb0112 member
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    Madeline or Matilda.... Or Mattea is actually the "real name" if you want the feminine of Matthew. Matilyn is not a good idea in my opinion.

    Maybe Mattea Christine, Matilda Claire, Madeline Charlotte? Trying to bring the C letter in with middle names...
  • Everything everyone else said. Matilyn is just bad. I hope this is MUD.
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  • edonnegan5297edonnegan5297 member
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    Love PP'S idea of Matilda, Mattea is a good idea too...anything but Matilyn.
  • kwaldykwaldy member
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    Oh lord... chevelle? No.

    Madeline Elizabeth?
  • I can't vote on made up names. Poor kid.
  • nurse714 said:

    I'm so sorry, but that poll is all bad. I couldn't even vote. As pp mentioned, how about Matilda or just a M name? 

    How do you pronounce your middle name?
    It's pronounced Shane
  • Oh geez. My vote would be spell Madeleine correctly. And pick new middle name choices.
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  • Yeah, I have to agree with PPs, your name choice is terrible.  I'd go with Madeline or Matilda, if it's important for your DH's name to be represented.

    And no on your middle name, sorry.

    Spelling still counts even though we aren't in school anymore.
    Because fall

  • I couldn't vote. I like the Matilda suggestion.

  • What is a Matilyn?
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  • missey981 said:

    nurse714 said:

    I'm so sorry, but that poll is all bad. I couldn't even vote. As pp mentioned, how about Matilda or just a M name? 

    How do you pronounce your middle name?
    It's pronounced Shane
    There is no language on earth that makes cheyne the same as Shane.

    And why would you give her a masculine middle name? Don't tell me it's your husband's middle name, because that's kinda messed up.
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  • ecwkecwk member
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    Couldn't vote, sorry. PPs have given excellent advice!

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  • Please don't saddle your daughter with the name Matilyn, it's such an bad cross between Matt and Kaitlyn. 

    Madeleine is great suggestion. You could nick name her Maddie, or Maddy and that could be a nod to your husband. Madeleine is such a classic, strong, beautiful name. It's so sweet while she is young, with it's great nick name variants. It's a name she could really grow into and blossom in as a classic, strong woman. 

    Just throwing this out there - My mom left out an E on the end of my middle name, it's something that's horrified me my entire life. I've contemplated legally changing the spelling of my name. 

  • I like Camaro for the middle name instead of Chevelle.

    Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

  • I *think* you're going for Madeleine but spelling it to match your husbands name. If so, as someone with a not even close spelling of a classic name that my mother thought was phoentic, it has given me daily problems in my professional life. I spell my name at least 3 times a day. Even my boss, coworkers, and family who have known me my entire life still spell it wrong. Sometimes I even lie to avoid the hassle and tell people it is the classic spelling.

    PLEASE hear what I am saying to you and do not name your child a made up/mispelled name.
  • There's a city in Florida called Maitland. Are you sure you want to do this? Florida is weird. I love it but come on.

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  • crf4crf4 member
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    Lol I read that middle name as "Cheney" too. Spell her first name right for starters and don't name her after a fucking car for second.
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