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Anyone been through this?

At my 37 week appt today my doc said he is a bit concerned with the growth development of the baby. It is weighing 2,4kg at 37w5d - I think he is more concerned with how little it has grown since last appt. he has asked me to come in on Monday when they will monitor the baby. He says they can then see if baby is just a naturally small baby or if it's small because it is not getting enough from the placenta in which case they will induce labour using gel - anybody had this before? Is it painful? I know I'm jumping the gun a bit and should just wait to find out results on Monday but I am so curious as to how this will be if it does end up happening.

Re: Anyone been through this?

  • Check out the search function for induction and you should be able to read lots of different experiences with induction. Hopefully baby is just fine though and you won't even need to go down that road. GL!
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  • Yes this happened to me at 37 weeks. I've told the story before on other threads but who knows which ones they were...

    Basically I got an IUGR diagnosis around 34 weeks (due to growth plateau, low fluid, low movement) indicating the placenta had stopped working, and they did extra monitoring for a couple of weeks then decided to induce. Induction started with prostaglandin gel on the cervix - are you asking if this itself was painful? No worse than a Pap smear or cervical check. I was scheduled to have a syntocinon (pitocin) drip the next morning but one gel application was enough to send me into labour (and yes that part was painful :) ). Baby was born within 10 hours, with ventouse assist to get her out faster as her heart rate was dropping with contractions. Baby was healthy and well developed (no NICU) and is now a super smart, crazy little girl at 2.5 years old.

    I had an excellent experience that went very smoothly and that's all I can share with you. I suggest you don't google anything while you are waiting for the appointment! Good luck!
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  • Thanks you very much!! In have decided to stay away from google as it completely freaks me out. After posting this thread I realised there were so many stories of induction on the walls already, silly me! But thank you for explaining the gel method @kettlekitten as this is what I was wanting to know about specifically. Fingers crossed all goes well on Monday.
  • Thanks @breezymeema7 - I did realise after posting that I should have just searched!! I think I was in such shock that I just wanted immediate answers.
  • Mines growing on an above average scale... which lead to me being put under consultant care... but its in my genes and the fathers genes of big babies running in the family... the smallest baby is 8'2. The biggest being nearly 11lb so when i mentiones this. Consultants passed me back to midwife lead care and the rate of growth has been 'normal' and consistent. Dont panic yourself too much. I was warned that id be sent in for monitoring if the measurements were a bit off but thankfully they havent been. The monitoring is just a precaution. Cross fingers all is ok for you otherwise
  • This is exactly what I'm going though with the whole "small" baby thing And monitoring except my baby is around 4pounds 15oz or right under 5 pounds and he decided to induce me Tuesday 8/4 . I'll be exactly 39 weeks . Original due date was 8/11 . Other then that I never heard of what they're trying to do to induce you ??
  • @victoriaaa1 are you meaning you don't know what induction using gel is all about? Apparently they put the gel in the vagina and and 4-5 hours later you start having contractions and going into labour
  • mrssmhs said:

    @victoriaaa1 are you meaning you don't know what induction using gel is all about? Apparently they put the gel in the vagina and and 4-5 hours later you start having contractions and going into labour

    Using the gel is as far as I'm aware the standard start to the induction process. It ripens your cervix so your body is 'ready' for going into labour. Generally they will give you a few applications of gel overnight and then give you a pitocin drip (see other threads on induction for others experiences on this). If you're lucky like me it can send you into labour without further intervention. The gel application takes about 30 seconds so it's really the easy part.

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