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Who gets which name?

We have finally decided on our two boys' names. But now how do we decide which gets which? Do we pick now or just say whoever comes out first gets this name? What did you all do?

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  • Our #1 boy name was always Conrad so baby A gets that name. When we found out we were having two boys, we had to choose a second name, so baby B gets Hudson. I like to be able to refer to them by their names, even while they are still growing in me. I also know where each is positioned so I know who is kicking. Hudson is quite rambunctious!
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    I would wait until they're both born and then decide - maybe one of them will "look" more like one name than the other. I'd advise against naming Baby A one thing and Baby B another because they could change position before birth and all of a sudden the baby you thought would be born first is born second and vice versa. I'm personally going to pick two names and then name them once I get some time to look at and bond with them.
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  • We named them before. We wanted our family to call them by their names, not the twins. Also we wanted our 2 yo son to know their names and that they are real babies. We used my son's hotwheels cars to determine which baby would be which name. We had our son pick a name out of a hat then we raced the cars labeled A and B to see who got what name. It was a fun thing for us to do as a family and our son enjoyed it. I think naming your children is so personal and you should do what feels right to you.
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  • We named baby A and baby B about 2 months before they were born
  • I named them based on their personalities in utero- I also knew who was who in there, based on their positioning. I had one quiet baby and one who was wild. I gave the name that sounded "spunkier" to me to the wild child ;)  
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  • MrsHTMrsHT member
    We had the names picked out for our girls but did not choose which baby had which name until they were born.  One name was a namesake to my husband and the other name had my middle name. When Baby A was born she was all my side of the family and B was all my husbands so the deciding who would be who was very simple at that point.  Good luck!!!
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    We waited until they were born. Both of our twins were named after family members. One was given my husband's middle name, which was also his grandfather's name, and when Baby A was born he looked just like my husband! Still, we didn't want to say for sure what his name would be until we met his brother. 2.5 hours later, I was going in for an emergency c-section to deliver stubborn Baby B and the hospital staff was REALLY annoyed that they couldn't put an armband on baby A with his proper name on it... so his armband just said "Twin 1." When Baby B was finally born, we looked at them together and decided who was who. It was a really special moment between me and my husband, and I'm so glad we waited.

    Be careful naming them in utero, because my "Baby A" turned into "Baby B" at about 30 weeks when their positions changed. I no longer had any idea who was who, and to this day I have no idea which baby came out first. If I had assigned their names beforehand, I would have been so confused.
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  • We kind of started calling them certain names when I was pregnant but we decided for sure that they would be alphabetical! Baby a was Jaxen and baby b was Kayden. I knew if I were to wait to decide I would have been really indecisive. So that's what we did. And their names fit them so well!

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    I named Baby A Marigold and Baby B Evaline around the 20 week mark! We wanted to name them so we could pray for them by name (we were having complications)! We picked the names because they had special meanings to us and now that they are here they fit them perfectly!!
  • We didn't decide on baby B's name til the day after they were born, we were between 2 names for him & wanted to wait to meet him. We new we wanted baby A to be the more "serious " name & b to be the spunkier name. B was more active in the womb. They're identical so looks played no part
  • We had about 4-5 names that we liked, but we waited until after they were born to name them. It actually took us a couple of days to finally decide. So at first they were just A and B!
    Once we saw them ,and started getting to know them, it was obvious which names to pick. 
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  • We had about 4-5 names that we liked, but we waited until after they were born to name them. It actually took us a couple of days to finally decide. So at first they were just A and B!
    Once we saw them ,and started getting to know them, it was obvious which names to pick. 

    One of my twins is Austin, too. :)
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  • We had family traditions to honor.  So no matter who was A or B the first one delivered would be John- the 10th in my husband's family. I told the nurses " The first one is John and the second is Nicholas."  

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