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When is your due date?

Just curious when everyone's is because I feel like a lot of people are at the beginning of the month. Mine is March 30th based on my LMP and also going by my ovulation date (from charting and OPKs) but I will be having a repeat C-section so the baby will probably actually be here around March 23rd or so. Guess I will find out at my appointment next week!

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Re: When is your due date?

  • I finally know how far along I am, thanks to a dating u/s yesterday (no lmp and I wasn't temping or charting). EDD is March 9th.
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  • I won't know for sure until beginning of September, but based on LMP mine is March 17. I felt like I was so behind everyone on my last BMB because I was due the 21st, so I can somewhat understand where you are coming from.
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  • Based on lmp March 4
  • mrsmtothekmrsmtothek
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    I got my due date from FF, which put me at March 26th. It was a little confused for a bit thinking I ovulated later, but as soon as I put in my BFP it switched back to its original guess for ovulation. So who knows really!

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  • Based on my LMP. March 11(my first DS due date but he was born March 5)
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  • I'm ringing in at the 31st which is also my birthday :-)

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  • March 14th!
  • March 16th
  • I'm a late one, too! Currently it's March 29th, but I have an u/s tomorrow to give us a better idea. We think I found out really early and I also ovulated really late so it's all just confusing right now.


  • March 6th based on my most recent ultrasound (that timing also matches when we would have conceived based on ovulation signs). My first ultrasound said March 2
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  • JLaVO888JLaVO888
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    I havn't had an appointment yet, but I am pretty sure of my ovulation date. I believe mine is close to March 21st. 

    Also adding that I think its so odd to have an EDD because how many people actually have their baby on that date?? Maybe an estimated delivery week would be more accurate lol. 
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    I am March 1st now but my last board I was June 29th. I kind of liked it bc reading everyone's posts I felt like I always knew what was coming up next.

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  • March 8th, by LMP and ultrasound


  • March 6th according to LMP and dating ultrasound from yesterday.
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  • March 12th based on dating ultrasound.
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  • March 2
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  • EDD of March 11th. DS's EDD was September 24th and he was born the 30th so I know the feeling of being at the end of the month. I will get a for sure date next Wednesday!

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  • Based on LMP, my EDD is March 18th.

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  • EDD of March 28th based on LMP. The only month I didn't chart was the one I got pregnant! I have my u/s on August 24th, so I guess I'll have a better idea then. Not sure if I ovulated late or not.
  • I'm March 13th.
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  • I'm March 9th, but haven't had my first u/s to confirm dating.
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  • Based on Lmp I am March 30th. :)
  • Based on LMP: March 3
    Based of US: March 7
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  • March 9 and ultrasound sizing confirmed it (-3 days on one measurement and +1 day on another so we kept it).
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    DS2 - 7/4/14
    DS3 - 2/21/16
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  • emjeveemjeve
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    Based on LMP- March 17 St. Patrick's Day!!

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  • March 25th
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  • homerkhomerk
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    March 5 with bub 3
  • Based on LMP March 15th, but I have a dating ultrasound next week. So we'll see if it changes
  • ecwkecwk
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    15th of March based on u/s.... Would love the 17th!

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  • @JLaVO888 that's why I like EDD vs saying due date. The E for estimated gives some wiggle room.
    *TTC since July 2010
    *BFP #1- 11/12/12, m/c 11/16/12 @ 6 weeks
    *BFP #2- 1/23/13 EDD 10/4/13  

    *Emma Rose: 10/8/13

    *BFP #3- EDD 03/9/16

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  • I'm due March 9th.

  • March 12 based on lmp, I have a dating u/s on Wednesday next week

  • clairemwalkerclairemwalker
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    Ladies given there EDDs based on LMPs dont get worried if they move them, even if you are very sure when you ovulated. I know my details pretty well, and they have still moved my date from march 6 (LMP) to march 9 (5w scan) to 16th (6w5d scan) so i. Guessing it will be anywhere between 9th and 16th but the 16th is now the one that my midwife will use
  • March 26th
  • March 21st
  • March 31st. Hoping LO will come in March!!
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  • March 12
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