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Anyone deliver at the Karmanos Center For Natural Birth at Beaumont Royal Oak, in Michigan.

I'm hoping to go there for my delivery but am just a tiny bit put off that I can't find anything on anyones experience'd think for a place that's been allover the news for that amazing 6 million donation and roof top garden there'd be tons of moms allover the internet bragging about it. I've only been able to come across news and online articles on the place...nothing "real". If you have any one on one experience (the good and the bad please!) please share it with me and help ease my mind that they truly won't be forcing unnecessary interventions on me like they say they won't. Are they truly that willing for a non intervening mindset within limits of course. Does anyone know what reasons they may use to transfer a women at the center to L&D during labour? (other than something huge like the need for a c-section emergency of course). 

Also,I don't have gestational diabetes (13 weeks and so far my A1C is looking phenomenal, however my new doctor won't let me bypass the future glucola test despite the fact that I vomit profusely on that one, the results are never accurate in general especially if you keep throwing it up and chugging it back down again, the stress from the test and anticipation of the 3 blood tests following the drink spikes my adrenaline, which in and of itself causes inaccurate readings, and the fact that last pregnancy I failed it for all of these reasons combined, however having been ordered to check my blood sugar multiples times a day NOT ONCE did I have an even remotely high or borderline number, this is without any diet modifications. I told her several times at many visits so far that I would be willing to go for however long testing blood sugar daily with a food log so she could get an even more in depth and accurate idea of my levels INSTEAD. But she isn't having it, she just says if I don't take the test then we'll just call you a GB. The nurse midwife at the clinic mentioned that a GB can still have a natural birth at the center and qualify, as long as everything else is in order. Honestly though, being wrongfully diagnosed once was bad enough, another time is not ok. Not to mention thats an extra diagnosis I clearly do not an otherwise perfect pregnancy. Anyways....just wondering if anyone has had any experience with my situation and successfully having a birth center natural childbirth without a hitch (on the medical professionals side I mean)?

Re: Anyone deliver at the Karmanos Center For Natural Birth at Beaumont Royal Oak, in Michigan.

  • I haven't had any experience with the birth center but my step mom will on go to Beaumount even though they live next door to a different hospital.

    As for as the Gestational Diabetes, my midwife was telling me that you can just eat jelly beans.
  • Yes, that is an option the doctor said she "might" consider. However, I can't find any Halal or animal gelatin free jelly beans....we don't eat gelatin. That and the result is the same, since I don't eat or drink any sugar at all and am strictly paleo with dairy occasionally (low carb, no sugar, high protein, moderate fats) and have been this way for years the sugar overload shocks my system and boom....GD even when I truly don't have it simply because I don't touch sugar so my body doesn't react to it the same as someone on a conventional diet chock full of it.

    That's what happened last pregnancy...
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  • I have no experience there, but have given birth twice (med-free) at Beaumont Troy and will be going back there again for baby #3. First time around, I arrived at 10cm and no interventions were suggested or necessary. Second time, I labored at the hospital for about 5 hours before my son was born. They left me alone, only coming in to do a quick monitoring of the baby's heart rate every half an hour or hour. I was not hooked up to IV's or monitors. I had access to a tub in my room. It was totally chill and never once did I feel like I was pressured about anything. So...natural births are totally possible in a normal hospital environment. I think a big part is your mindset and also everything that happens leading up to the birth ( in those final several weeks) and the OB/midwife practice you are using. Good luck!
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