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Cost of daycare vs nanny in Boston?

Hello! We are trying to conceive but want to understand the cost of daycare ahead of time. After doing research, it seems that full time infant daycare in Boston averages between $2100 and $2500 per month, and that's not considering any waiting lists. Does anyone happen to know the going hourly rate for an experienced Nanny for an infant? Or even for a Nanny share? We live in South Boston, any information would be super helpful!!

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  • I am not sure about Nanny prices but daycare can depend on whether you use an in home or a large center daycare. I use an in home daycare with 6-7 kids with 2 adults working their. I pay around $800.00 a month which is on the cheaper side but you can find things cheaper then $2100.00. I live in West Roxbury. 
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  • I've been a nanny for over 8 years. For an infant you'll be looking at $15-25 an hour if you are looking for an experienced person. I personally think nanny is the way to go- there are a lot more pros than cons. If you find the right person you can really form a special relationship with them. I've been with my current family for 6 years and have cared for all 3 of their kids (starting at 8 months with the first and the next 2 from the first day they came home) It should be fairly easy to find a nanny in south boston, check out (my fav) or
  • Also wondering about cost of nanny vs in home vs daycare center. Thanks @demirhae that's helpful information!

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    We have a neighbor who asked us if we would consider nanny sharing. I don't know really. Most day care centers we've looked run about 800-1000 a month.
  • We've done a nanny share for the last two+ years with another family and it's been fantastic. It worked especially well because we were similarly minded with the other family and both pretty easy-going. We paid the nanny $16.50/hour for three kids.
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