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Any symptoms or indications for twins early pregnancy?

I found out recently im pregnant. I had a HSG done a month ago and took Clomid 50mg. I know my chances are low but I would be thrilled for twins. There's still a few weeks before I can find out one way or another. In the meantime did anyone have any special symptoms that gave it away? or any old wives tales or tricks to find out if you have multiples?

Re: Any symptoms or indications for twins early pregnancy?

  • Nope...I did have a pretty high first beta, but still wasn't convinced till my first u/s.  Many women have low first betas and have twins and on the flip side, many have high betas with a singleton. 

    Congratulations in any event!
    Me 35, DH 36
    TTC summer 2008
    Diagnose me. DOR, DH perfect
    IUI # 1 6/2010, BFN
    IUI # 2 8/2010, BFN
    IVF # 1 10/2010 Canceled poor response
    IVF 1.2 12/2010 BFP! mc 6 weeks 2 days
    Mental health break for 10 months
    IVF # 2 10/2011 BFN
    IVF # 3 5/2012 BFP! 10 eggs retrieved (best ever)
    7 fertilized transferred 3
    Beta #1 14dpo - 72, Beta #2 17dpo 145 Beta 3 20dpo 521
    First u/s June 15 saw HB 126 bpm missed m/c 7/5/12 10 weeks D&C 7/6/12
    IVF#4 ER 9/30 ET 10/3 Beta 10/16 BFFN. IVF #5 final with o/e. ER 1/21 only 1 retrieved, hoping my lonestar is the one. Beta #1 2/6/13 = 209.... please let this be it! Keep growing lonestar! Beta #2 2/8/13 - 586! , Beta #3 2/10/13 = 1898. First u/s perfect little heart beat at 116 bpm. Measure 6 weeks 1 day. EDD 10/14/13
    3/4/13 measuring right on track beautiful heartbeat 171 bpm, graduated from RE to OB... bittersweet.
    PAIF/SAIF always welcome! Its a girl! 

    Maggie Grace is here!  10/5/13... 8lbs 6 ounces of pure joy!

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    appt scheduled 5/8.   Here we go again!

    IFV# 6.  10/27  6 retrieved 4 mature 3 fertilized.  2 made it to 3dt 10/30. 1"very pretty 8 cell" and 1 6 cell.  Beta
    11/13.   Please stick embies!!!!  We love you so much already! 11/12/14  POAS, BFP... beta tomorrow!
    11/13 beta #1  924!!!  2nd bet 11/15 1906, one more on 11/17 3rd & final beta 3430.  First u/s 12/5, 7w4d, 2 heartbeats,
    both measuring right on track....2nd u/s... all is well... both beans measuring right on track... released from RE... first
    appointment with MFM 1/5.  Looks like this is really happening!

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  • I had a high beta (see my siggy) and I compared it to numbers, since I had 2 embryos transferred, I knew twins were possibility. Two sacs were seen in my ultrasound that followed my positive HCG result. No symptoms of twins or wives tales, I had easy breezy pregnancy until I hit 7 months, it's been downhill since then
    Me: 32, DH: 34.
    Trying since Jan 2011. Unexplained IF.
    2 IUIs = BFN.
    1 IVF (Dec 2013) = BFN.
    FET, 2 frosties (June 13, 2014)

    14dp5dt-June 27 -BFP, beta 2061. 2nd beta >5000, 3rd beta >5000, 2 sacs 06/30.
    Twin Girls - 02/11/15 - at 37 weeks (no NICU, home with me at 3 days).
  • that's still pretty good easy 7 months! and I believe you're almost there! congrats!

  • how early can a doc tell if you're having twins?
  • I too have wondered this.  I am bigger at 12 weeks then I was with my first 2 by far.  My HPT showed up days before missing my period and I am totally hungry all the time.  Not doing first trimester testing so I guess I will not know until 8 more weeks.
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    @mom4vr2015 - the ultrasound saw 2 sacs at 17 days past my embryo transfer. A few weeks later the sacs had fetal pole and then heartbeats could be detected. So in your case, if you already had positive HCG result, your ultrasound should show 2 sacs or 1 with 2 heartbeats (depending on if identical twins or not). Have you scheduled your 1st Ob/prenatal appt which I'm assuming is around 8 weeks pregnant?
    Me: 32, DH: 34.
    Trying since Jan 2011. Unexplained IF.
    2 IUIs = BFN.
    1 IVF (Dec 2013) = BFN.
    FET, 2 frosties (June 13, 2014)

    14dp5dt-June 27 -BFP, beta 2061. 2nd beta >5000, 3rd beta >5000, 2 sacs 06/30.
    Twin Girls - 02/11/15 - at 37 weeks (no NICU, home with me at 3 days).
  • Not really
    First beta was 880 and second was 1990, so we were pretty convinced. 4 wk u/s showed triplets


    No periods due to 17 years of ballet and distance running after college.  Zero response to 2 months of Clomid, little response to Letrozole.  IUI left with 9 cysts = too many viable eggs due to age.  On to IVF.  Low dose of all meds still produced 37 mature eggs 12.6.11.  Froze due to overstimulation.  

    FET #1.1 1.22.12 BFN.   FET #1.2 2.22.12=GRACE! (and a vanishing twin).  

    Grace Katherine born 10.25.12 @ 36w6w 6#14oz 19.5".
    FET #1.3 3.2013 BFN FET#1.4 4.2013 BFN. Never tried a fresh transfer.  Let's try, despite 10 still frozen.  
    ER 6.26.13 27 mature eggs, slight overstim. ET   7.1.13 ectopic, FET 2.1  9.10.14   TRIPLETS!!  

    Boys born 3.18.14 @ 29w5d.  Andrew Jack 3#6oz 16", Grant Robert 3#9oz 16", Charles Phillip 3#7oz 17".

  • Other then high betas like the previous poster posted no signs.

    Even high betas dosen't always mean multiples.

    TTC since May/June 2012 
    Sept 2013 testing:
    SA #1 Low motility (17%) 
    SA #2 Lower sperm count, but much higher motility
    CD 3 Bloodwork and ultrasound - Normal HSG - Clear tubes 
    Oct/Nov 2013 Cycle 1 with RE 50 mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI BFN  
    Nov/Dec 2013 Cycle 2 with RE 50 mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI BFN 
    Jan/Feb 2014 Cycle 3 with RE 50 mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI BFN 
    2/20/14 Follow up consult RE recommends IVF with ICSI 
    3/10/14 New patient consult with RMA NJ 
    3/11/14 AMH and other Bloodwork to prep for IVF with ICSI at RMA NJ
    3/28/14 Saline Sonogram - All good
    March/April 2014 IVF #1 Antagonist Protocol
    4/16/14 ER 26 Retrieved!!!
    4/17/14 Fert Report 22 Mature 21 Fertilized w/ ICSI
    4/22/14 Report #2 15 BLASTS
    5/24/14 FET!!!  (Transferring 2 snowflakes)
    6/2/14 Beta #1 575!!! :)
    6/4/14 Beta #2 2060!!! :)
    6/11/14 1st Ultrasound...Saw 2 Gestational Sacs!!  Beta #3 34,312!!! 
    6/18/14 2nd Ultrasound...Heartbeats!! Baby A 112bpm Baby B 117bmp <3 Beta #4 172,080!!!
    6/25/14 3rd Ultrasound...Heartbeats!! Baby A 150bpm Baby B 158bpm <3 Beta #5 232,134!!! 
    7/3/14 4th Ultrasound...Heartbeats!! Baby A 173bpm Baby B 162bpm <3 Beta #6 269,228!!!
    Graduated from RMA!!  First appt with OB 7/8/14

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  • I have my first appointment scheduled for tomorrow. I will be 4 weeks and 2 days along. I'm going in early because I had a miscarriage last year so we want to make sure everything is ok.
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    Echo the OP. My first hcg at 5 weeks was double the amount of a singleton pregnancy, our first indicator or twins. The line on my HPT was very very dark the day of my missed pd. sure enough our first u/s showed 2 sacs and two heartbeats at 6 weeks!
  • I had low betas, and identical twins.  They were found on U/S between 6 and 7 weeks.  I had zero symptoms at all until the bloat took over around 8 weeks, and the puking started and stayed around 10 weeks.  But neither of those are special to twins... well, maybe the excessive bloat.  I was in maternity pants around 10 weeks because I couldn't stand buttons touching my belly anymore.

    TTC since May 2006. After 3 failed Clomid cycles, 2 failed Injectibles/IUIs, 2 failed IVFs and 1 failed FET, we moved on to adoption! 


    Last ditch FET resulted in BFP, and identical twin girls!

  • Very dark line on EPT, no symptoms... good luck!
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  • how early can a doc tell if you're having twins?
    It was plainly clear at 6w PG (had an US in the ER).
    Otherwise, there was no way to tell that there were two in there. 
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  • I had very high betas, over 4x higher than average singleton And it was detected on a 5 week US that there were two sacs, by 6w5d there were 2 heartbeats!

    I also had (and still have at almost 20 weeks) very bad morning sickness, but that def doesn't mean twins. I just felt like all my symptoms were amplified, however this is my first pregnancy so I don't have much to compare it to!
    IVF #1 September 2014 - Transferred one 5-day blast : BFN
    FET #1 October 2014 - Transferred two 5-day blasts: BFP!!
    << Due July 10, 2015 with our first baby! >>

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  • My hpt was positive 7 days before my missed period. I had enough bloating that my husband was convinced it was twins, FTM. Although they missed twin b at our routine 8 week us, they immediately saw both babies!
  • I took clomid 50mg as well, did they follow you with US leading up to ovulation? Prior to ovulating they told me three follicles dropped and two were very large so there was a good chance for twins. A friend of mine had twins and told me her only symptom was extreme painful hunger and that's exactly what I had. Other pregnant friends of mine were so sick and losing weight while I'm over here eating every 20 minutes and nothing was satisfying my appetite. I was still shocked as ever when they told me twins on my first US at 7 weeks! Now 34 weeks with boy/girl twins, hope to make it to 38!
  • There is an old wives tale that says that if your pregnancy test instantly turns positive as soon as you pee on it, without any waiting at all, it could be an indication of twins. lol. I know it is really silly and old wives tales are just for fun, but it is supposed to indicated your extra high hormone levels. Looking back, it was actually the true with my pregnancy test! I was only about 3 1/2 weeks pregnant, and 4 weeks later we were told it was twins! Im expecting them any time now!
  • I also had a positive fairly early on-9 days past ovulation. I was also going fertility treatments & knew I had multiple follicles. We found out around 5 weeks that we were having twins. I was surprisingly way less sick than my friend who is only having a singleton. I am currently 25w5d.
    DH & I married 12/17/2012
    Me (31)-dx w/PCOS 2007, when married to ex-husband after MC
    DH (41)-no MFI
    07/2014-Femara 5mg + trigger + IUI= chem preg ;(
    08/2014-Femara 5mg + trigger + IUI + 2nd trigger= BFN
    09/2014-Clomid 100mg + trigger + IUI + 2nd trigger= BFN
    10/2014-benched due to RE out of town, tying naturally!
    11/2014-benched due to cyst
    12/2014-Femara 5mg + stair step with additional 5 days Femara 5mg + trigger + IUI=BFN
    01/2015-Femara 5mg + Gonal F 25 units + trigger (plus additional Gonal F 100 units on trigger night) + IUI= BFP!!! Twins due 10/2015
    09/28/2015- Surprise!  Conrad and Hudson born at 35w6d!  
  • I found out via dating ultrasound at 8 weeks. It felt just like my first singleton pregnancy.
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    I went in for my first appt. at 8 weeks and the doc gave me an ultrasound because I was measuring ahead and sure enough twins!
  • It sounds silly, but I just knew. We had three embryos transferred but after a couple of days I knew it would be twins. I started referring to "the babies" much to my husband's irritation. He kept saying there's no way I knew that yet. Sure enough at the first ultrasound 14 days past embryo transfer, there were two sacs and two heartbeats! Other than just knowing, I've had virtually no symptoms. Just fatigue.
  • Nothing that said "yep it has to be twins" but at 3 weeks I got a positive test, just over 4 weeks sever ms started, at 7 weeks I saw my doctor because of the ms and she gave me a sonogram. 2 babies! Bloat has been rediculus this time, but nothing else really, I just knew, before I even took the test at 3 weeks, that I was pregnant with 2
  • This is my first pregnancy and the only noticeable thing I could tell was that I had really bad morning sickness compared to all my other mommy friends which I thought was a little odd. My bloods didn't show any sign - we found out at our 12 week scan and couldn't have been more thrilled :)
  • This is my third pregnancy and it was a complete shock. I didn't really feel any different- just the morning sickness was way worse than my other two children. Right before I got my 8 week scan, I told the lady that I might be further along due to my period being off. With my second child, I had a period the first month I was pregnant and didn't know it. I figured it was the same this time since I was showing more and felt horrible. 

    Then 5 minutes later she tells me I'm having twins... hahaha

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    In retrospect, there were some subtle differences.  I was starving.  (Still am!)  With my other pregnancies I never woke up in the middle of the night with my stomach growling.  Also, my bfp was 3dp5dt (8dpo) which is earlier than normal, and the progression was faster.  The line got dark really fast.  

    My betas were a bit higher than average as well, but not so high that it was for sure.  There are plenty of singleton betas higher than mine.  However, none of these things said, "Yes, you are definitely having twins."  Just that there is a chance both embryos stuck.  


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    IVF #2 April 2015: Microdose lupron Flare
    ICSI, CCS Freeze all
    6 blasts biopsied/5 normal

    FET #1 June 25, 2015 6AA and 5AA blast transfer
    BFP 3dp5dt!
    Beta 8dp5dt 195.2, 10dp5dt 474.8, 12dp5dt 977, 22dp5dt 25,580
    <3 Twins! Our boy and girl coming end of February!  <3

  • I took a pregnancy test the first day of my missed period and the two lines were really really prominent so my hcg levels were high. Also I started to feel weird early on and thought I was getting my period but of course that was wrong lol. My morning sickness was TERRIBLE. That's one of the top symptoms of twins.
  • this is my second twin pregnancy, and the symptoms have been quiet different for each. My betas we also there is really no way of telling. I had my first ultrasound at 5 weeks each time and we immediately found the heartbeats. 
    Fraternal twin boys born 1/12/12 at 36 weeks
    Identical twin girls expected in March! 
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