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anyone have more than four kids?

i have had two kids at home and two in the hospital. this is my fifth and final and i am having him at the hospital being that my last was eleven lbs. anyone else have so many? also, having my tubes tied, does this add difficulty to healing?

Re: anyone have more than four kids?

  • I'm expecting #6 in September. All 5 were born in the hospital, the last 3 were my epidural free births and hoping for a 4th. I would love a home birth or a birthing center birth but we don't have any midwives near us and the closest birthing center is 6 hours away. I am also having my tubes tied this time.
  • I'm cooking my first.
    My parents have 8 children. The first my mother had an epidural and he was formula fed, the last 7 were totally med free, no inductions and exclusively breastfed. She had the last three at home. I was there to see the last three births and it was very neat (also good reason for abstinence lol). I loved growing up in a large family and love now that I have so many nieces and nephews.
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