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First time mommy here and I am having the hardest time with breast feeding. I am ready to give up. My LO cannot seem to get a good latch no matter what I do. As a result I N in a lot of pain. My nipples are cracked and I have milk blisters and a burning after I breast feed. I'm so Frustrated! My doctor was to busy to see me and told me to use monistat on my breast in case I have a yeast infection. The lactation consultant is out of town and I am losing my mind and want to give up. Breast feeding is sucking the joy out of motherhood. Any one else feeling his way or have any tips? I don't want to give up, but I don't want to waste my LO's infancy being miserable. Oh I also have a Pump but after 40 min of pumping I only get 2 oz and I just don't have time to pump all day and take care of my baby.

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  • You're not alone. I am also struggling. My LO is 2.5 weeks old and I just cannot get my supply up. She was born prematurely so they had her nursing with me using a breast shield since she couldn't larch well. Now, She won't latch without it and I think its hindering my milk supply. I pump and pump and get 1 oz max. You're better than I am -- I could never sit and pump for 40 min. I struggle getting through 10.
  • Does she latch well with the nipple shield? I have one that I use when my nipples are super sore but I feel like his latch is worse with the sheils cause he sucks on it like a bottle. Super frustrating. I have heard they effect milk supply! Eat lots of carbs that's what my LC recommended for milk supply. Good luck!
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  • No, it's nota great latch but better than nothing. I seriously feel like I'm at a dead end. Stressful!!
  • Do you have a local la leche league?

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  • Ive been in contact with a leader as well as my hospitals lactation consultant.
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    You're not alone in your struggles. I'm also struggling and in the nurse with shield - supplement - pump cycle. My nipples are so sore I only nurse every other feeding. My LO is 10 days old and I only pump 20ml max between both breasts.

    Hang in there mom and know that whatever you decide to do is fine. What's important is that your baby eats and you both are happy and healthy. Whether that's done through breast or formula doesn't matter.
  • First, I would encourage you to stop pumping. You are seeing 2oz after 40 mins and getting discouraged that you don't have enough, while that is probably not the case. Your baby is more efficient than the pump, so it's not accurate to compare what you pump.

    Correct your baby's latch every time and stay in contact with Le Leche league/ LCs.
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    Hang in there! You're not alone! I was crying a lot some time ago because I had a low milk supply and my LO was hungry and fussy and crying after every feeding, also he's sleeping was ruined (he never slept for hours after coming home only 40 min to 1h), but I didn't want to use formula. I was so frustrated and in hospital we started to give him supplement (formula), and we continued it at home BUT these made my milk supply to be low as never before:( even though I pumped the times my baby ate formula. Once I was so exhausted and called the bf consultant, we decided to stop giving formula and only breastfeed even if it means nursing every 40 mins:/ so in one week we gained even 10 grams more than minimum was! So it was good enough:) this article helped me also
    And what about your issue. Try to pump and give a bottle once instead on giving breast (your nipple won't harm once:)) if you can't get enough than you can switch breasts every 10 mins till you get 1 dose.
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    Oh, I just want to reach through my phone and hug you all. The first few weeks are so hard. With my first baby I cried every time we nursed. He had what is called a lazy latch. I found that by using my thumb and first finger to sort of pinch the area around the nipple I could ease it into his mouth and he would latch on better. It really is all about the latch. The baby needs to have more than just the nipple in his mouth to be successful. Also, perhaps you could try another hold. The cradle position does not work for everyone. Try lying down and easing your breast into his or her mouth that way. You're doing an amazing job just trying. Your body was meant to feed your child. Pumping will not give you an accurate measurement at all. Another important tip is to try smiling. I know it sounds silly but if you smile at your baby as you are correcting his latch it really will help. Tell yourself I can do this. Because you are doing it. You are amazing!
  • Hang in there. If you are already in contact with La Leche League, that is a good start. Also, try for a lactation specialist in your area (if one is out of town). Also, can you try going to the pediatrician and nursing in front of her/him? Maybe they can give you some pointers and get you in ASAP. 

    I honestly wish you the best of luck, you are doing a great job and trying your best for your baby. 
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