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  • Usually 5 x 60 minutes a week: barre and HIIT classes, elliptical and weights at the gym. I had a couple of months in early second tri where I was so exhausted I didn't go at all, but once I started up again all hip pains, back pains, sleep problems, etc, gradually went away and now I feel great with a little over 6 weeks to go. It IS hard to get motivated after 9 hours of work when all you want to do is sleep... my only way around it is to go right after work before I've had time to sit down and feel how drained I am! #:-S
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  • I'm glad you posted this, but not for the reasons you may think:
    This late in the game, you shouldn't even bother trying to get motivated to do anything but have that baby as close to your due date as possible sister. Not just MY advice, it's my doctor's as well, and here is why- Two weeks ago we had a pretty bad scare that I was going into preterm labor, baby wasn't moving, strong contractions close together, everything pointing to labor so we end up in the ER for 5 hours trying to stop it, and that was a success (thankfully!) It was concluded that all that mess was brought about because I went out of my normal physical routine, simply to do the laundry at the laudry mat for DH so he could take a break and relax. The simple act of walking (lightly loaded) laundry baskets to and fro and moving clothes from washer to dryer was enough of a physical stimulus to try to throw my body into labor. Now this is MY experience, not yours, MY doctor's advice, not YOUR doctor's advice, but I would like to at at least caution you about the risks of changing your physical routine this late in your pregnancy. It could be risky for you, it could not be, just putting in my two cents.
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  • I used to exercise 6 days a week. Sometimes multiple times a day. Now I walk to work (about 3/4 mile each way) and consider that a success.
  • I was still running the agility course with our dog until 3 weeks ago. Now it is too hot to get on the (outdoor) practice field. He is having to settle for frisbee after dark these days.

    Work has me squatting and lifting up to 40 lbs over and over throughout the day. That counts as squats and weights, right?? I never thought feet/ankles could get as swollen and sore as mine have been the past couple weeks.

    Do kegals count as exercise?
  • Before I got pregnant I was working out trying to lose weight that I had gained. I used to be pretty fit and then I got in a relationship and wanted to spend all my time with my boyfriend. We ate a lot of junk food and I gained 30 pounds. I was sad. So I decided once I stopped bc to workout and get back to my norml weight hoping I'd be there before I got pregnant.... Nope! My little girl couldnt wait and I was pregnant 2 months off bc and 1 month after starting to go to the gym. I got so sock and nauseaous my first trimester we didn't go back. I kept saying in the second trimester.... Never made it. Here I am due in 5 weeks and the most excersize I've done was walk and house work. Lol :/ I'm so lazy. I hope I'm inspired more after the baby is here and things get settled.
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    1st trimester, I was sick and tired all the time and was lucky enough to be able to eat crackers and ginger ale. 2nd trimester, I hurt my hip. 3rd trimester, now that the baby is getting bigger, my hip hurts my abdomen hurts even bending and its getting hard even cleaning the house .... so exercise, not even a concern of mine. I'll worry about it after delivery.
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