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Can you answer this D&C question?

Hi Ladies, I posted this one the Miscarriage Forum, but i'm wondeirng if any of you might be able to answer this?

I had a D&C on June 5th for a Blighted Ovum miscarriage.  It was our first pregnancy and even though it was found early in the pregnancy it was still devastating.  I've been doing good emotionally after the surgery, it was almost like a closure for me, all up until today.  I received a bill in the mail from the surgery center and when I opened it I couldn't believe my eyes what the description of the surgery said. It reads "Treatment Of Missed Abortion".  I would never in my life have an Abortion!!!!  Isn't it supposed to read "Treatment of a Miscarriage"?  A blighted Ovum was a pregnancy where the baby never developed and made it to the sac so I don't understand how this is considered an "Abortion"?  I am just appalled, my dr never mentioned that this is the description of this surgical procedure, in fact on the papers I signed at the surgery center before I went in said "Dilation & Curretage" for miscarriage.  Talk about a way to re-open old wounds and make a person feel like a piece of s****.  Sorry, i'm just so upset and confused by this right now, and I was doing so good with healing emotionally and moving forward.  For people who have received their bills, what was the description on yours? 

Re: Can you answer this D&C question?

  • I haven't received a bill so I am not sure about that, but medical websites refer to early miscarriages as "spontaneous abortions". I am fairly sure that is the medical terminology.
  • I was just told that on another site, its medical terminology. It just shocked me when I seen it because I would never have an intentional abortion in my life. Guess i'm just still touchy on the situation, with the bills starting come in its re-opening the healing wounds.
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  • Yes, it is the medical term. It's not meant to be personal. My records read the reason for the D&C Monday was an incomplete abortion.

    The way they differentiate between a miscarriage and complications from an abortion as we see it is that they use the term "elective abortion", or EAB for short.
  • I'm So sorry to hear of your loss. I had a similar and they write cervical evacuation.... I also have a situation now, mine was June 2nd 2015 and I wasn't sure when I should be expecting my period and I've done a test to which shows pregnant.. I'm wondering if it's the old HCG levels
  • Yes, some of my paperwork said missed abortion as well. And when I went for my pre-d&c bloodwork, the paperwork said "Diagnosis: fetal demise."  They should really think about how these terms affect us.
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  • The term abortion means ending of pregnancy regardless of if it is elective (forced) or spontaneous (natural). A miscarriage is also an abortion the only difference is it's just not on purpose. Unfortanetly the word abortion has a negative meaning.
  • I had a D&C in April and my bill said the same thing. I know how you feel.

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