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Hopping back on TheBump wagon!

Hi all, hope everyone is doing well! Been a looonngg time (*formerly known as Tinkerbell019)! Our August 2014 lil one just turned 10 mo. & we just found out we're expecting another (haven't found out due date yet, thinking either late Feb/early March 2016). We're thinking this little one will be our final addition to our family, for a total of four minions =) Getting back on the bump to see what's new in the world of all things baby, figured I'd come hang out with my Aug 2014 gals then find which 2016 board I will be lurking on =)

Re: Hopping back on TheBump wagon!

  • Congratulations! There are some other ladies on the board expecting too :)
  • Hello! :) and congratulations!
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  • Welcome back and Congratulations! We are expecting our second in late November!
  • Congratulations!
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