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I'm tired of MS. Dry heaving since the minute I wake up, nauseous all day, throwing up at random hours day and night. I can't enjoy food anymore. I just want it to end. I'm so miserable. :'( sorry for complaining. I'm 10w, hopefully it ends soon. Wish the ladies going through the same thing get better soon too.

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  • Amen!! With you all the way!! I just got home from a late shift and dry heaved my brains out in the shower.....ugh

    SO ready for this nausea to go away and SO ready to get a normal appetite back!!

    Come oooonnnnn 2nd trimester!
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  • @BabyRut2015 ugh I throw up after I shower every time never fails
  • I had it so bad I went to my doctor for antisickness tablets. They've helped but last night I threw up my prenatal vitamin which was a brand new level of gross. I cannot wait to like food again!
  • @shinyspade lately I've been throwing up my prenatal too. Just the smell of it makes me gag before I take it.
  • I am so with you. I'm at the stage where I'm just afraid this will never end and it's my new way of life. I can't wait for first tri to be over! I give major huge super props to moms who deal with ms longer than the first tri. I pity myself so much, I can't imagine being in their shoes.

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  • Yes yes and yes! I am so tired because I'm constantly vomiting all night long so I'm not sleeping well.

    Nothing sounded good to me because everything made me vomit until I discovered a new love for spaghetti!!!!! I usually don't like marinara sauce but it is so delicious!!!!!!! It's helped me with my MS.

    I throw up 4-5 times a day and all 4 sisters of mine along with my mom were the same until end of second trimester. :(

    On a positive note... At least we know our babies are growing :) with my last miscarriage I didn't have this ms.
  • @ashin121 yeah I heard and read a few articles that say morning sickness is a good sign (:
  • I feel you! I'm 12w2d and seems like there is no end in sight. I dry heave every morning, nauseous all day and usually get sick a few times in the late afternoon/evening/middle of the night if I manage to eat something. Doctor said between 12-14 weeks should get better, I really hope so! I'm trying to tough it out and not take any meds. But like everyone said, it's a good sign : )
  • @MBourne14 ugh same as me then hopefully it really does end soon. My mom had it all 9months and my sister until 5months. I hope mine ends sooner.
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