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Am I crazy?

We're currently stationed in Southern California, within a few hours of nearly all of our extended family. But we're supposed to be PCSing in about a year and there's nearly no chance of us staying here. This, along with having great work benefits and CA's short term disability insurance, have made me really want to get start TTC early this fall. DH is in agreement that after his next 4-6 month deployment later this year we should start trying, but is unsure about it. Am I crazy for letting logistics like this really push how I plan my family? Also, i'm tired of trying to plan my life around the Navy, so I'm ready to dive in head first. Anyone else have feelings/issues like this?
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Re: Am I crazy?

  • We purposely tried to have a baby even though we knew he was going to be deployed. For the simple fact, that we were older (mid 30s) and we weren't sure how long it would take. We were thinking it would take a few times and he would be home by the time baby was due. As it happens, I got pregnant the very first try. My husband left when I was 5 months along and returned home when baby was 5 months old. I just went with it. I had my job, co workers, family, friends to help keep me busy. By the time baby arrived, all my concentration was on her so the last half of his deployment went by very fast. Only you, know what you can handle. Sending some baby dust your way! :-) 
  • He's deploying sometime between oct and dec, so my proposal is to enjoy the summer, get off BC in August, start TTC in September, for a due date around may/June earliest when he gets home. That way the 3 months of fmla would be spent in CA and not the east coast making my fam travel. I understand that this is the best case scenario, but that's all I can hope for. Convincing hubby this is a good plan is another story.
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