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Monday Check-In (6/15/15)

Hi All - 

Not sure who is active on this board, or on the other sites.  I do a little of everything.  

Anyone interested in checking in about your current journey of: 


QOTD (Question of the Day):

What were you doing on this day (June 15th) of 2014 and what do you want to be doing on (June 15th) of 2016?  (Approximates welcome of course!).

Re: Monday Check-In (6/15/15)

  • For any newbies, my wife EV and I live in the SF Bay area, we have two boys Kaden & Owen and are looking to TTC via her eggs (my basket) this Fall. Likely aim for IVF transfer in October.  

    Parenting is madness since the wife is out of town on business. Taking care of the boys solo takes everything I have to give. By the time I got them into bed (and hopefully asleep - FX FX). I am so exhausted I made a cup of coffee before jumping on the computer. Now to get some work done.

    Kaden had a really good day.  My tactic of working on compromise, where I ask him to explain why he is objecting to something and then trying to find a middle ground is helping. Example  we were at Starbucks earlier so I could use the bathroom.  Kaden hates the toilet flushing sound in a small bathroom. No idea why??? He loves flushing at home, but when we're out its tantrum worthy.  So we talked about it. I asked him to explain why he was reacting, and then we struck the compromise that he would stay in the bathroom while I went, but that I'd push the stroller out into the hallway before flushing.  

    Owen is just the cutest. He is literally running around, it looks like something between a waddle and a trot.  Soooo cute.

    QOTD:   Last June 15th I was hanging out with my 1 month old son at the playground, while Kaden ran around on what were much shorter and chunkier legs back then.  EV was back at work, and the ladies from my awesome local mom's group were bringing meals by every so often.  

    Next June I hope to be 8/9 months pregnant, sitting in a home that we love, by a kiddie pool watching the boys play with Sienna (our now 1.5 year old chocolate lab).  

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