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How long do you try a formula before you decide its not the one? I originally planned to EBF. We had to start supplementing with enfamil newborn when we were in the hospital because of my low supply. We had her on it for 5 weeks but she was so gassy and fussy. Her doctor suggested switching her formula so we did enfamil gentlease for 9 days but it was making her stools hard and she would scream when trying to go, so I slowly transitioned her to similac sensitive. Today was the first day she had full similac bottles. Every time she ate today, she screamed for what felt like forever afterwards. She drank it fine though, so I know its not because of the difference in taste. I don't know if its her just getting used to it or if we should try something else? I started the transition Wednesday so it's only been two days. Her stools are now more liquidy and she doesn't seem to be in pain when passing them.

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  • I think our doctor said give it a couple of weeks? I remember we had a horrible time finding the right one, too. It takes time but you will find it! Good luck!
  • We tried gentle ease and sensitive for our DD4 gas. It would roll thru her and hurt. Dr had us try soy and it saved us. Soy made DD2 constipated all the time but not our DD4. She is quite regular on it.
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  • @mandyreads how Long did you try each before deciding to switch?
  • I don't have much experience with specialty formulas as my DD1 did fine on just regular Enfamil BUT wanted to share a thought. Lots of gas and seemingly some belly problems is normal in very young babies. Their systems are just getting used to processing food. Plus tummies are small. Plus those growth spurts. I have a theory that people jump to conclusions on sensitivities way too soon and start messing with formula types which just makes the problem worse...
    Not saying that's what happened here but maybe your LO had to grow out of the initial gassy time?
    My DD1 was super gassy and colicky when she was under 6-7wo. It was killing me! I tried severa kinds of drops and gripe waters, no change. Then as if by magic it all stopped after her 6w growth spurt. Also when she was that young she was spitting up a lot more. Not so much after. I think her tummy adjusted or grew. I was so green it did not even occur to me to change formulas and good thing I didn't bc there really was no issue there.
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    @harmonicbabe26 that could be the case but luckily we have been on the similac sensitive for a week and things are going great. We definitely won't be switching anymore.
  • I waited and checked with the pediatrician. We only had to switch once from Similac Advance to Similac Sensitive. On the Advance, I noticed it was much more thicker and it she was having a hard time burping and didn't keep much of the formula down. We had great results with the Sensitive. 
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