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Hi everyone! I posted this to the secondary infertility board but they told me I should be on this board. I'm not really new to the bump. I was on here years ago but now back here and this is one of my first posts since 2009... I have never heard of secondary infertility until I started going through this. My daughter will be 5 in July and after over 42 hours of labor with her she was born via emergency C-Section, My husband and I have been TTC for over 2 years now. After a year of trying I finally gave in and went to my GYN. It took me so long to go to him because I felt why would there be something wrong with me if I already had 1 child.  From there they sent me to get tests done.  Apparently, one of my tubes are blocked, both are a bit inflamed, but the Dr. said one of my tubes is still good and I should still be able to conceive with just the good one. He said these issues could have been caused from my C-Section but not definite With that being said he tried me on 50mgs of Clomid for a couple of months after that didn't work he upped my dosage on the 4th month to 2 pills of Clomid a day and still nothing. I have been off of Clomid for a couple of months now and of course nothing. My husband is now going to get checked out at the end of the month to see if it's also an issue with him too. I unfortunately have not been to a specialist just yet because my insurance does not cover it and it will be all out of pocket. After my husbands test results come back we will then have to take our the next step. I am 35 years old and feel like I only have a short window opening to have another baby that I so desperately want.. Not many people know about what my husband and I are going through, just immediate family and my best friend. No matter what any of them say they will not know how I feel unless they themselves have gone through this and honestly I know they try to say things to help me feel better but it might actually be making me feel more upset.  My BFF said to me, at least you have a child some people aren't even able to have that.  I am so very grateful to have my daughter but I feel horrible that I may never be able to give her a little playmate. She is always asking me how come she doesn't have any baby brothers or sisters. It kills me inside. I'm always an emotional wreck whenever I talk about this and I feel a piece of my heartbreaking each month, as I sit here and type this I feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I'm so sorry for this being so long I guess just knowing that other people are going through a similar situation as me is a bit bitter sweet.  I feel so terrible that other people are going through this but in the same token I don't feel so alone anymore and have other people that I can confide in and know what it's like to go through this

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    So sorry for your struggles.  In regards to your dd, I have 2 dd's, one who is also 5yo.  And she is always asking about another sibling.  I think they will always ask no matter how many you have!  Though it still hurts a bit :(

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  • We are TTC baby #2 as well. But baby # 1 took 5 rounds of fertility treatments and tons of money all out of pocket so I get it!! And here we are on round SIX for baby #2 all out of pocket. One thing that I am a bit worried about is I had a C-section and an appendectomy since my son was born and my RE wanted me to get an HSG to check my tubes for being blocked and I have had this done in the past so I did not want to spend the $700 and get it done again when I could of put that towards my procedure. So I am in the thick of stemming for procedure #6 and now I am worried.

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