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Sleepings tough

as of yesterday, I notice sleeping is getting worse. I am now 20 weeks pregnant && I am really trying hard to sleep on my sides. It was ok at first but now I'm in pain with my hips. It's horrible. Idk if it's because I'm thin and my body is not use to carrying this extra weight or sleeping on my sides is giving my hips this serious ache. Anyone else have this issue? It's starting to affect my back too!

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  • @angpat85, I'm 26 weeks and my hips hurt when I wake up. After I move around a little the pain goes away. I'm having a hard time getting comfortable in bed too and so far I haven't found a resolution. I'm having horrific leg cramps which are waking me up several times a night. Sorry I wasn't much help to you but I can relate.
  • Thank you @Peach&;Dan ! It is nice to know there are others going through the same thing !!
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    Story of my life right now! This sciatica is killing me! I haven't slept through the night since in about 8 weeks. I'm only 16 weeks... But with all the steps below I'm down to only waking up once at night.

    Sleeping with a BIG pillow between my knees and ankles helps. I also do some yoga stretches before bed and again when I wake up, usually at 3 am.

    I put an ice pack on my lower back 20 minutes twice a day usually when I get home from work and right before bed.

    I also bought one of those yoga rollers, I have only been doing it for a couple of days but it seems to really be helping, especially on my hips and thighs. You can get them at target for $20, works sort of like a deep massage and gets the blood flowing. Works awesome on pressure points in your booty.

    It's a full time job but I'll try anything!
  • I am 14 weeks and sleep is not my friend either. I wake up between 2-3 each morning and can't fall asleep until night fall that same day around 10 or 11. Naps are the same way I try but I only end up getting about 45minutes to an hour, I know I need the rest but it's not coming easy.
  • Yup, hips and shoulders hurt. Carpal tunnel numbness/tingling from elbow to fingertips. I wear a brace in bed now. I flip flop n sigh all night, plus get up to pee 2-3 times. Sometimes wide awake at 4am n just pray for morning to come so I can get up already.
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    I am 18 weeks and having the same issue. It seems to be getting worse as not only do I constantly wake up in the middle of the night to pee, I toss and turn all night long. My hips and tailbone have become bothersome. We have an old mattress as well that's not so supportive but we just bought a new one and is being delivered tomorrow. Hoping this helps some! I also started sleeping with a pillow between my legs. Give that a try!!
  • I'm having the same issues and I highly recommend the pregnancy pillow! You can find it on amazon. It's a little pricey but in my opinion absolutely worth it!
  • I'm 19 weeks tomorrow and also have a hard time getting comfortable. I always sleep with a pillow between my legs and when I need it, one under my back/belly. I try to make sure to put added support at my belly or back since the uncomfortable - Ness is hand in hand there.
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