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two different opinions on money

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Is your guy tight with money? Our lease is up the end of September so we've been looking for new house for the beginning of October. I was at the furniture store with my mom and seen an affordable nice looking bedroom set. They also have a program where you can make payments. I was really interesting in buying it for the new house. We currently have a bed that we hardly fit on, especially with my growing tummy.

I sent him pictures, he like them but was worried about buying something before moving. I'm a bit more impulsive than he is, but tried to explain to him that the further along I get the tighter the money will be. I of course didn't buy today. But I want to discuss with him later. Do you think I have a horse in this fight? Ha

Re: two different opinions on money

  • If it's at a typical furniture store it will be there after the move and they will deliver it to your new home for you so you don't have to move it. 
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  • Don't buy anything until you move! Even professional military movers always break something, lose pieces, etc. they'll pay you for damages, but it's not enough to replace things and you can't really erase gouges in wood
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    I agree with other on waiting until after you move, so you know it will fit in your new space and you will have a better idea of your budget once you have found your new home.
    When i purchased my first home i set aside money for furniture (vs using it as part of the down payment). Up to that point almost all my furniture was hand me downs.
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  • If you're not buying the bedroom set for use until after your move I second previous opinions that you wait. One of the things I love about America is that there's always another good sale around the corner. You might find something you like even better later in the year and with a better deal.
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  • Do you have room in your budget for it? I am a big believer that any purchase like that is a joint decision and both parties have to agree but most of all it has to make sense financially. Also, it seems you are already approaching it as a fight - dont! It will cause you to be defensive and will end up causing a fight. Be prepared that he has dofferent opinion and look at the numbers with him. It might not be sensible to make this purchase right now

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    I would wait, the payment plan will require a credit check and increase your debt which I would avoid if you are considering buying a new house.
    We also never use credit for unsecured debt, and never use credit cards unless we are paying it off that month.
  • I agree with waiting. I'll also point out that what you really should think about getting first isn't the bedroom set, but the mattress. Just because it looks pretty doesn't mean it should come first. Maybe tonight with your husband you should talk about getting a new mattress set that you can fit on more comfortably but get just a standard metal bedframe for now.
  • There will ALWAYS be good deals and sales. ALWAYS. Save the money now, buy later.

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  • Thanks for the advice ladies, I just reaaaally wanted more than a bed. And feel if I don't spend the money now we'll be in the same full size bed with us two the dog and possibly the baby haha.
  • If it's in the budget get it, but if you have to pay with credit for something that would be 'nice to have' I would say no. Credit should be used for temporary matters, planned budgeters or long term investments. Unnecessary debt just causes issues whether it's more debts, spouse fights, etc. I feel like my parents did this growing up and now they feel they can never catch up and probably never will. I've been a budgeter from the start so maybe it taught me though!
  • You can try and save it for it for the next few months, and make it a priority if that's important to you. It all depends on your financial situation. But I would say if you can't buy it outright, you can't afford it. Maybe you can give up services you now pay or downgrade / find a way to reduce bills to save up what you need to afford the set. Or try looking for used on craigslist. sometimes people move and sell almost brand new ones for much cheaper

  • Also if you are buying a house do not make ANY large purchases!
  • Thanks for the advice ladies, I just reaaaally wanted more than a bed. And feel if I don't spend the money now we'll be in the same full size bed with us two the dog and possibly the baby haha.

    Put aside the money you want to spend on the new bed now and when you get your new place, you'll have the money. You nay even find a set down the road you like better.

    Besides, with us being due in Nov. Wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to make big purchases.
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