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14 weeks and still have severe morning sickness

all day everyday I get sick no matter what, I've tried all the remedies and even tried samples of diclegis and all it did was make me break out with rashes on my chest and face and I still got sick.. My dr won't prescribe me anything else because she says nothing is safe :( but clearly not being able to eat or drink is safe for the baby either ! I literally can't function because all I want to do is get sick .. Anyone else have this problem and did your dr have you try anything else ? I need any suggestions ! Thanks !

Re: 14 weeks and still have severe morning sickness

  • I'm 14 weeks and having the same issues. The doctor prescribed me zofran and I refuse to take it. I've been drinking ginger tea through out the entire day. It's been helping a lot. Maybe try that?
  • Hey Hun , I've had the same thing I'm 13 weeks and been very sick all day and night , my doctor gave me maxalon and that helped me a lot and I seen baby last night on ultrasound and he or she were perfect.! Also try sipping on some ginger beer or lemonade that helped me , I hope it gets better for you !x
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  • With my first, unfortunately, I was sick, all day, everyday. And it lasted throughout the entire pregnacny. With this one, I'm 25 weeks, and I still throw up every morning. Hopefully, it will get better for you!

  • I was sick until 15 weeks--I drank ginger tea every morning and ate crackers before even getting up.  Some days, nothing helped.  Hoping you gals start feeling better soon!!
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    I felt nauseous all the time until about 16-17w. My doc prescribed Diclegis which is a Class A drug and is safe for pregnant women. It is unfortunately expensive though, even with insurance.
  • Have you tried Unisom tablets?  The little blue pills, not the sleep gels.  I am not as severely nauseous as I was but I definitely still get a significant amount of nausea.  I've found that taking one at night before bed helps me sleep better and helps me feel far less nauseous the next day.  They were recommended by my doctor and Dr. Google (and a pharmacist friend) says they are perfectly safe.
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    Same boat... I think the chewy gin guns candy by the ginger people helps a bit.... Also, forcing myself to eat again about 45 minutes after puking, getting sufficient sleep, replenishing with Gatorade and eating super regularly have given me my few puke free days
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    Thank you everyone I'm gonna try that ! :)
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