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37+ weeks dialation & effacement?

Currently 37.6 weeks, 3cm dialated with 60% effacement. So curious as to when baby will be ready... shes 90th% tile at 8.1lbs at two seperate US, one was a Stage II US.
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Re: 37+ weeks dialation &amp; effacement?

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  • Didnt ask a question at all sweetheart, just excited about my progress, thank u though...I already posted to weekly appointment updates thread, fyi.
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  • MsPrettyTMsPrettyT member
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  • but i found this nice picture for you that we can all enjoy?
  • Addelie said:

    I can't believe the OP hasnt been banned for what she wrote on @NotISaidtheCat's wall. Unbelievably disgusting language and unnecessary aggression - especially from someone questioning other women's future parenting skills.

    I think notisaidthecat has been banned. Can't se her page.
  • Ignore above. I tried to see what the other person wrote to her but was having trouble. Just saw so ignore what I wrote
  • Sammy KSammy K member
    I was hoping for entertainment this morning and you guys didn't disappoint!
  • kbbtahkbbtah member
  • Girl...

    TTC: 1/2014 BFP: 9/24 EDD: 6/8/2015 Sorry for the poor man's siggy...ticker won't load regardless of how many tips I read.
  • Any one got a link to what she posted on notisaidthecats wall. I tried but I failed at finding it.
  • I knew a stripper who went by Jordan....no lie. :>
    [Deleted User]klkonwiMommaswizz
  • Westypet said:


    I'm just cringing at all the spelling and grammatical errors!
  • @KonaCoffeeBean I just lol/snorted. Too perfect!
    KonaCoffeeBeanMommaswizz[Deleted User]
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