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Weekly appt check-in (week of 5/25)

How are those appointments going ladies?

Re: Weekly appt check-in (week of 5/25)

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  • 38 weeks. Not dilating yet but cervix is thinning and baby's head is dropped low. I'm hoping that she stays in there till at least due date. Still nesting and getting last things in order. Belly is 38", baby's heart rate good and my blood pressure is fine.
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  • een23een23 member
    Softened cervix but still closed and the baby is engaged. Measuring right on track. My OB said she doesn't think I'll go over my EDD and I hope she's right! It seems like going another 2 weeks will be a whole lot easier than going another 4 weeks.
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  • foxa319foxa319 member
    Had my final growth us today, baby measured about 5.5 lbs- being induced on June 3 at 36+3 and am hoping he can get to about 6 lbs by delivery! They did say he has chubby little cheeks and I can't wait to kiss them! Nst was good, was having small contractions every 3 minutes or so. had blood work done to check my bile acids and liver function. Md checked me closed, 50% and 0 station. Said baby's head is very low and does not retract when poked so that's better than my exam from 2 weeks ago that was closed thick and high! I still can't believe I go in for my induction a week from tomorrow!! Time has really flown!
  • 37 Weeks tomorrow.....Baby girl still has her head in my ribs!!!  Scheduling a C-section for 39 weeks, hopeful she will still flip around:(
  • @house86 sounds promising! Hoping that baby did some acrobatics!
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  • R87R87 member
    2cm and 80% effaced. The dr doesn't think I'll make it to my 39 week appointment
  • bbnmama2012bbnmama2012 member
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    37 weeks today. 2 cm and 80% effaced. By her estimation, he is about 6 1/2 - 7 lbs and if I make it to my due date, he'll be about 8 - 8 1/2 lbs. He is really low. So that's a good indicator for a good vaginal delivery.
  • 37w5ds today. 3 cm dilated and still at 70%. Blood pressure, weight, and baby heartbeat were all good. Still do not have my GBS results because my insurance is stupid and requires that the office send my lab work to Cincinnati, OH for processing...my OB is located in Nashville, TN! She is having the nurse call today to see if the results are available. Hopefully I will get a call in the next couple days with the results. Other than the frustrations with the lab process, all was good at this appointment. My DH asked for the OB's educated guess for delivery and my doctor gave the very safe "it is too hard to tell. Each woman is different." speech. That is what I expected and actually what I appreciate about my doctor. She doesn't blow smoke or say anything that will get her patients unnecessarily worked up. 
  • Just got back from my 38 week appointment. My original doctor was performing a c section and had 6 girls in labor.
    So I opted to see the midwife that delivered my son. She checked baby's heartbeat, size, and then checked me. I am still 60% effaced and almost 3cm. She was a little more rougher than my doctor this time around and afterwards feeling a little crampy. She even said my cervix has moved to the front.
    But her, my doctor, and even the receptionist doesn't think I'll make it to my 39 week appointment.
    Just in case though I scheduled it at 4pm on June 3rd (my prediction for LO's bday was June 4th ;) ). I'll ask to have my membrane strip and go home and DTD with DH since he gets off at 5pm. Which worked instantly with my 1st so praying for this one also.
  • I had mine today at 39 weeks and 1 day. I'm a 3 but still thick. I don't he is coming anytime soon lol. I scheduled to be induced but I'm going to change it.
  • It was a painful check up. Still sitting at 1cm :)>- Being patient is hard! We spoke about next week appointment and whether to decide when we will induce June 5th or wait one more week until 12th then we will be induced.
  • btm013btm013 member
    I'm 38w5d today and only 1cm, cervix is still hard but baby is sitting low! My blood pressure is creeping and they are talking an induction for next week (Cervadil at night, pitot in if needed in the morning). I'm happy my doc is giving me the week to try to go natural. I have a non stress test Friday and next Tuesday to monitor baby. Praying baby stays in position and can avoid an induction
  • Had my cervix checked today and the Doc said it was very favorable, we are being induced Friday night!
    LaurenAnn0405rodriyessi94lrathbaby3Sammy K
  • BP and heart rate were fine. 2cm and I had my membranes stripped. Can't say that was fun at all!!! Walked with a limp after that. Felt like my OB was elbow deep. My cervix was posterior. So far....nothing promising yet. I had some contractions earlier about 10 minutes apart. Now, nothing. I've been bouncing on my yoga ball all afternoon/eve. Had sex and hubby has been rubbing my feet. Almost bed time so maybe nothing will come of that...
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  • Had my apt. I had an ultrasound to see how she was growing. I'm 36w 4d. She is looking fine besides my low amniotic fluid levels. I have to have an ultrasound and stress test done twice a week and told I will be induced before 39 weeks. I don't know what will happen and have looked for boards on the subject. If fluid is to low I have read that a caesarean is done so the umbilical cord does not get sit on or smashed. If anyone has prior experience please let me know how it's turned out or turning out. Thank you.
  • house86house86 member
    Well, baby did not turn like I hoped :( section is going to be on June 9th, I'm scared :( my other 2 were born natually
  • 36w+2d, had my strep test. Have started thinning and am 1 cm. Baby is head down and has dropped some but not all the way. Definitely feeling sore today. Not sure if we will make it to June 21. 
  • 36 +1. Still very closed, and the cetvix is still very high/posterior. verify schedule csection on the 15th. Nst went well minus baby not liking to be active durning it. Drank 2 full water bottles finally woke her up. But still only took 45 or so mins. Next appointment isn't until the 12th the Friday before baby comes on Monday the 15th. But I still have 2 more nst's before then.
  • kcl283kcl283 member
    Had my 38w appt this morning and I have been scheduled for a c section this coming Monday since April, first daughter was breech. Not a fan of my practice, doctor today was trying to get me to go vbac- I know there are pros and cons of both but seriously, less than 5 days out...
  • had my 38 week appt yesterday no cervical exam all was normal im holding my weight not gaining or loosing so that's good, my doctor also told me that because my other 2 kids came 1 week early this one probably will too! we will see I don't see how he could estimate that when we don't even know of anything progressing, ugh im so tired of this emotional roller coaster!
  • My weekly BPP this morning. Had to do a little maneuvering to get baby moving, but all is well, passed 8/8.

    Next week I'll get the swab and another growth scan.  C section still set for June 22nd.


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  • fridaysdancefridaysdance member
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    What a useless 38 week appointment. Heart rate in 150s as always and measuring normal. Took 10 minutes after waiting 30 (in a warm room when it's 85 outside) and scheduled to come back next week.

    It sucks even more since they didn't seem to care about me still having spells of strong contractions and my appointment schedule got all messed up because next week is already booked for most normal slots. I managed to get squeezed in for Thursday but still not cool.
  • 39 w appt this morning...talked about using cream to ripen my cervix this friday, if that doesnt work, going for the insert on monday!!!! fingers crossed the cream works...next try would be iv induced than c section. really hoping the cream does the job:)
  • 36 wk appt. yesterday....BP was high at beginning, so they rechecked at end and it was fine. GBS swab and cervix check (gosh, I hope I'm not gbs + this time). Cervix closed :)
    Been having iron issues all along, causing racing heart rate, dizziness, etc, but I'm alright feeling like this for a few more weeks as long as baby is ok!
  • thay33thay33 member
    I just had my appt. 39+1 and still not dilated still not effaced... I'm just getting so frustrated. & then I'm told I will get induced on the 9th if the baby isn't out before then... My baby is due the 2nd and I'm just so mad that I may or may not have to wait AN ENTIRE EXTRA WEEK to have him... With the swollen feet.. Back pains... Heartburn. I was not happy with any of this news :(
  • 39 weeks tomorrow. I'm 80% effaced but no dilation. Ugh! Hoping this doesn't mean I'll go over my due date. Head is low and engaged though.
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