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2 weeks till due date!! any advice welcome

I'm a ftm and I'm 2 weeks away from my due date! I've had a pretty easy pregnancy with no morning sickness but did have to do weekly growth ultrasounds for about a month. Now that the time is almost here I'm extremely nervous about everything and it's all starting to become real. Any advice to help me relax a bit before my little girl gets here.

Re: 2 weeks till due date!! any advice welcome

  • I have two weeks as well:) ! Im a ftm too very nervous and excited
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  • SweetnessGSweetnessG member
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    I would love to have some advice for you being a mom for the 6th time, but sadly I don't. I don't think whether it's your first pregnancy or 6th, it's all incredibly nerve wracking and scary. I'm almost certain that this didn't help you, but just trying to say we are in the same boat! I have one week left until induction date, and I'm freaking out.

    Good luck, ladies!
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  • I am literally a nervous wreck lol I guess it's just not hitting me that I'm actually about to give birth ! I'm beyond ready to meet her but am very nervous for labor and delivery!! I have a wonderful support system but they aren't the ones doing the pushing lol
  • Sammy KSammy K member
    ^^ I second this advice. Go with the flow because nothing is as unpredictable as labor.
  • I'm due in 2 weeks also!! Got checked to day and no action happening! My midwife said what will be will be!! No sense in stressing yourself out!! We will all have a baby one way or another!!

  • I'm due in 15 days and also a FTM that's freaking out. Baby is still high up so I have to start jumping jacks I guess!!! We haven't finished the nursery and it seems no matter how many baby clothes I wash, the pile does not disappear!!! 
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