Dr said I'm not dilated and still "pretty high up" do you think I'll go late..? — The Bump
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Dr said I'm not dilated and still "pretty high up" do you think I'll go late..?

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Re: Dr said I'm not dilated and still "pretty high up" do you think I'll go late..?

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    I didn't have the blood pressure thing , but my white blood cell counts have been off the charts high this whole time and they can't figure out what the hell is going on, so I have to see both hematology and the OB every week until I deliver.
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  • I can't speak to your problem directly, but my BP has been weird this whole pregnancy too. If they take it on my right it's on the high side, but if they take it on my left it's absolutely normal. No one knows why and my MWN doesn't seem terribly concerned. It hasn't necessarily kept me from worrying about it though! I hope that they can give you some answers!
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  • @MrsWilson830 this has been me this week!! I hit 35 weeks last week for my NSTs I was 140/70 which is what it has been for 2 months. This week 116/68 on both days. I have no idea what I've done differently but would love for it to stay that way. If it goes back up I the csection is being moved up to 37 weeks

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  • I was thinking :-L....
    But now I'm thinking :-?
    I feel like a lot of unexplainable things happen to our bodies during pregnancy/postpartum. As long as you are being monitored and your health team is okay with things, I'd relax and let it slide. Too bad the NP isn't as confident but I have a feeling your doc may not really have much of an explanation either. Otherwise it may have come up in discussion and be in your chart? Anywho, best of luck!
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  • First reaction to this post is to read the headline and think, 'Ohhhhh shista! Not AGAIN!" Then, I checked out the user name and was surprised to see Mrs. Wilson's name attached-- someone who is generally an advocate of the don't-be-stupid responses. Of course, curiosity got the better of me and I clicked. Yes, I'm guilty! 

    Anyhow, I've had BP jump around a bit. Whenever it's anything above 110 for an upper number, I ask them to run it again toward the end of the appointment when I'm a bit more relaxed. Always goes down to 'normal' for me (aka: 100 as top number). Anyway, I wish I had something more definitive to tell you, but clearly I don't. Just my own silly story. 

    Regardless, good luck-- and thanks for the opportunity to laugh at myself for clicking!
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  • Is it stress? I was diagnosed with gestational hypertension but every time I went in the hospital for it being over 150 it would come down in very little time. After I delivered and knew the docs wouldn't mess with me anymore it was pretty low like 105.
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