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best prenatals severe morning sickness?

any recommendations for some prenatal vitamins (once a day) for severe morning sickness (vomiting multiple times a day, weight loss, constant severe nausea)? I currently take nature made and am having a lot of difficulty keeping it down.

Re: best prenatals severe morning sickness?

  • I take VitaFusion prenatal vitamins, they're gummies. I can't swollow the prescription vitamins, too big.
  • I take the vitafusion chews also, I couldn't handle the iron in the regular prenatals. My H&H is fine though, so make sure you ask your OB beforehand if you want to switch to something without iron. Anemia is common in pregnancy and some people need the extra iron.
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  • I also recommend vita fusion gummies. Do ask your doctor about iron though because some do need extra iron but my doc said most don't. Also make sure you take them with food and try taking them at night before bed. If you are looking for come thing to calm morning sickness your Dr can prescribe you something. Make sure your eating because an empty stomach could cause more nausea. Eat carbs and protien such as cheese and crackers, ginger cookies, ale or tea also peppermint tea could help. Sour candy could help they do have preggie pops in the baby isle of most stores which some people swear by and of course sea sickness bands and emetrol in the medicine dept.
  • I had hyperemesis gravidarum and the only thing that worked for me was being admitted into the hospital for fluids, I always felt a little better after that. If you can keep fluids down, try drinking lots and lots of water because it really does help.
  • I knew myself well enough to know that anything other than gummies would make me sick. From what I've researched, the iron that comes in most prenatals is one of the culprits behind morning sickness (my gummies don't have it). My midwife said this is fine so long as I get adequate iron from my diet.

    I would suggest trying the prenatal gummies and if you want to ensure you get your iron intake, GNC sells something called Gentlesorb Iron. It's specifically made to be easy on the tummy.
  • My doctor suggested 2 flintstone vitamins. The vita fusion gummies have no iron, so you'll become anemic like i did because i didnt know those particular gummies had no iron. The flintstone ones have been working pretty well so far.
  • I take real food organics, 3 pills taken together, each a separate gulp. My midwife said these were amazing in nutrient content and I never once have felt sick off of them. They are a bit more pricey, almost $30 for 1 month's supply, but I love them.

    On days I feel sick and can't stomach much, I wait to take them until there is a time during the day where sickness is not present.
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