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Pumping Qs

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I need to start to pump to build my supply and I keep postponing. I stopped last time bc I felt like my boobs we're going to explode.

If baby only nurses one side, should I start by pumping only one side or both?

Also if you have to pump around the same time - what do you do if your LO cries nonstop? Do you quit pumping, wait for him to sleep, ignore him etc. my husband works long weird hours so it's just me.

I am not sure why this pumping stuff is so confusing! Edited for another question!

Re: Pumping Qs

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    I pump with a hands free bra so I can attend to my baby if she needs me. If she's somewhat calm, I'll feed her while I pump. If she's really fussy and moving a lot, I'll feed her first, put her nearby me with a pacifier, and then pump. This allows me to sit on floor or couch with her and tend to her if she cries and still pump.

    I'd pump both sides if you don't have an issue with oversupply.
  • nursej519nursej519
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    Agree with every thing @ldmw said.
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