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Introducing pacifier

baby is 2 days old and already thinking about introducing the pacifier to him. He is breastfeeding and we're doing an OK job with it. It feels like it's getting better each time he feeds. When did you introduce bottle if breastfeeding and pacifier to your newborn?

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    We introduced pacifier at six days and bottle at three days. No problems with nipple confusion with breast-feeding
  • Bottle at 1.5 weeks (necessity due to my nipple damage) and pacifier at 5 weeks. No problems with breastfeeding from nipple confusion.
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  • I think it depends on what type of bottle and pacifier you pick. The nurse at the hospital recommended jollypop brand pacifiers because of the shape, the force the baby to keep sucking/they can't bite it, and therefore, it decreases the chance of nipple confusion. We found them at target.
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