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Breastfeeding and milk

I am currently still nursing my 13 month old baby. He is teething so the amount of times he nurses varies by day. He was nursing every two to three hours and once or twice during the night until right around his first birthday. Now he he has started to go about three to four hours without nursing. He is doing great with eating solids throughout the day! My concern is introducing whole milk. I by no means want to stop nursing, he is just not wanting to nurse as often. I have read that is normal at this age. Should I introduce cow milk? I am afraid that once I introduce cow milk, he will be uninterested in nursing any more. Any advice?

Thanks so much!

Re: Breastfeeding and milk

  • Is there a specific reason you want to introduce cow milk?
  • At his one year check up they said I can start to introduce cow milk, but gave no advice on how much or anything. Initially I didn't think anything of it since he was still nursing very often, but now that he is starting to not nurse as often, I wonder if I should introduce it.
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  • I think they suggest cow's milk to wean babies, but in your case, you aren't trying to wean yours, so I wouldn't worry about it. Breastmilk is perfect for babies; cows' milk is not, so there is really no need to fill him up on it.
  • Just give him expressed milk. Its really not necessary to introduce, cows milk until much later


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  • I didn't give milk consistently until I weaned at 2. Occasionally a grandparent would give some milk in a cup if watching (I never pumped since they didn't take bottles).

    If he's nursing a few times a day and eating I would just give sippy cups of water during meals, snacks, etc.
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