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Baby acne

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my LO is 7 weeks old and has had a red dry patch on her left eye lid for a week now along with what looks to be acne around her whole face. She woke up with that eye swollen yesterday. Any suggestions? I don't use any soap or lotions on her face. I just have been using wet wash clothes.

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  • My son has it too but sadly the doc said to just wait it out. It's been weeks already and everyone comments on this "rash" that I have no control over. While I wish I knew how to fix it just focus on your beautiful baby and know they will out grow it in time
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    We have been struggling with this too. A few days ago I was sitting on my deck and looked at my aloe plant and thought why havent I tried that. Started using it and his face is completely cleared up. Maybe this thought will help others as well.
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  • Are you ebf? I just read an article this morning that it could be anergy to something in your milk. Of course follow the Drs orders, but I would also bring it up at the next appointment.
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    My LO had acne that looked like a rash all over his face and neck for a week. I just wiped it with a warm washcloth every day and it cleared up beautifully.
  • I read on Pinterest a little baking soda and water made into a runny paste for 30 seconds then rinse off and put aquaphore on is supposed to work but I'm nervous to try it.
  • My daughter also has ache and after reading what PP said about aloe, I gave it a try. Three days later and her face has gotten a lot better after only applying once a day!
  • My LO had it for about 3 weeks.  Just let it clear up on its own.  Its not bothering them and you dont want to do anything to potentially irritate it more.  It does go away and is very common.
  • @houser1406 did you use aloe directly from the plant or a bottled form? I also read breast milk helps. I think it has helped a bit.
  • My LO had it pretty bad for a few weeks. It got worse when she was hot or got worked up. We washed with aquaphor baby wash and put coconut oil on at night. It cleared up pretty quickly. It's completely normal.
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  • I used the bottled form. Shes all cleared up now!
  • Awesome thanks
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