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Muslin blankets?

We are going minimalistic with this baby and have so much already saved from DS or secondhand, but I do have friends asking me about what we would like/need. Besides little things like bottle nipples, etc. the answer is "not much."

I've been considering muslin blankets because everyone I know who gets them RAVES about them. But I'm really hung up on the price tag. I know someone wouldn't buy $4 blankets for $50 (I'm talking the Aden + Anais) if they couldn't afford to, but I feel awkward/greedy asking for something so expensive, given that this is kiddo #3.

We already have 2 Miracle blankets we'll be using for swaddling for sleep, so I have some questions:

1) What other uses are there for these muslin swaddling blankets? (this baby WILL be born in July, though, in So Cal, so maybe they'll come in more handy than the MB due to the heat)

2) Has anyone tried any of the "off brands" (I see so many others make them now!) and are they just as good?

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Re: Muslin blankets?

  • I think people will be thrilled to give you something you need. If you say muslin blankets they are free to choose their own brand but even if you want a+a brand, no one is going to freak out over the price. I see the a+a ones regularly at TJ Maxx and they were priced $19.99. I got new ones for this baby because the ones I used for DD1 were heavily used. After swaddling we used them for pretty much everything, burp cloths, sun shade, away from home changing spot, and probably more I can't remember.

    Good luck!
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    Target also carries A&A blankets. I live in Texas and they work well for providing shade/bug protection as a car seat cover when out and about without making baby too hot. My daughter still uses hers as a light cover for nap time at school and they look good as new nearly 5 years later following frequent washings.
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  • We love ours! I have one kid, and she has 6 of them....and she was a October baby. Ours are all A&A brand, HOWEVER do note that there are different A&A blankets. The ones at Target are smaller in size, and don't feel as soft (although they are still soft) as the actual A&A boutique type (Targets are more of a cheaper version). I thought they were all the same, until a friend (who is friends with the person that started A&A) told me about them. Anyway, the Target ones are still good, and they are cheaper, but I feel they are all (both the Target ones bought through Nordstom and the A&A website) are worth the cost. 
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  • I have the Summer Infant brand muslin blankets and I liked them because they are so versitile. They were less soft than the a+a blankets, but they also seemed a little more sturdy, and will hold up better to the millions of uses they get.
  • My mom found some really cute a+a swaddle blankets at TJMAXX for $15
  • I have some Gund brand ones and a couple of A&A.  All of them seem about the same - the A&A ones are maybe slightly softer, but I've had them longer and washed them more.  All of them are made in China (likely by the same company.  :P)
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