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Experience with VBAC at Prince William Hospital?

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Hi everyone!
I just found out at am pregnant with Baby #2! Yay! My daughter is 20 months old and was born by c-section. After 17 hours of labor and at 8cm dilated my doctor advised me that each contraction (they were nonstop) was causing baby's heart rate to drop, so I agreed on the c-section. There were no complications and I healed very well. I am seeking a VBAC this time and looking for personal recommendations on OBs that deliver at Prince William Hospital. PWH has the highest VBAC success rate in northern VA and I have been researching physician VBAC rates. My short list of OBs includes:

Dr. John Gonzalez
Dr. John D. Wall
Dr. Larry A. Nance
Dr. Raymond L. McCue

How do you Mamas feel about any of these guys? Any female OBs around here you would recommend for a VBAC?


Re: Experience with VBAC at Prince William Hospital?

  • I'm using Lakeridge physicians and midwives, they deliver at Inova Alexandria hospital. This will be my 6th baby #5 was my only cs I am almost 35 years old and every person I have met there doctors and midwives are pushing for me to vbac. They have a high success rate because they are a midwife collaborative practice. They keep a midwife and a doctor at the hospital 24/7 so there is never a need to pressure or hurry a laboring woman. ( that was a main factor of my cs, doctor had to go I was her last patient). Anyhow I wish you look in your search!
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