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How many can't wait until this pregnancy is over???


Re: How many can't wait until this pregnancy is over???

  • Oh I hear Ya!! This is my second pregnancy and I've had nothing but trouble and complications! I thought my first pregnancy was hard wow was I wrong it's so much harder when you have a active 2 year old running the house! But only 3 months to go!! Stay strong! Xo
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  • All you early august mamas I say ba-humbug to you! Lol august 31st here. :-\" I'll be patiently waiting for the END of august. Lol I'm enjoying it NOW, but I definitely can't wait!
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  • Oh yes, all the symptoms that have been around, can't wait for those to be gone, but not yet all prepared for the real work and sleep deprivation to come. Especially dealing also with my oldest daughter and her adjustments to not being an only child.
  • Me!!!! This is really tough! Can't sleep can't be comfortable ever! Can barely work! Not looking forward to the sleepless nights but they are pretty sleepless anyways.
  • taras25taras25 member
    I hate pregnancy..... I want August now. I swore with my first id never do it again... Now I remember why. Baby fever will never ever ever ever get the best of me again. He's going for a vasectomy right after baby is born. I get that creating a child is a miracle and gift from God. Love my babies, HATE what it takes to get them here. I don't enjoy one single thing. I already feel like a whale at 26w and can't imagine the inevitable of getting BIGGER..... I just want my body back, with a sweet baby to snuggle!!!! Where's a time machine when you need one!!!
  • I am with you Taras25


    I just really started to show at 26 weeks and i hate that everyone stares at me.....thats all anyone talks about when they see me and im sick of looking this way and not fitting into my old clothes. I just hope i can fit back into them quickly.

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