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Anyone have come and go acne?

I eat pretty similar every day, drink tons of water, exercise but I get really bad acne on my face some days and then it keeps going and coming. I can't find a reason it triggers but am wondering if it's just simply pregnancy hormones.

Re: Anyone have come and go acne?

  • It's just the pregnancy ;) I've been having really bad days followed by relatively clear skin. Back and forth from my scalp to my mid-back.

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  • My came but never left! Haha I have also developed eczema on my face. Trying to moisturize the eczema and dryout the zits has been a real balancing act!
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  • I got my face cleared up finally... But now my chest and shoulders are broken out! It's an uphill battle lol
  • I have the same problem and am guessing its must be the pregnancy hormones because I try to keep my diet and water intake fairly balanced but it still keeps coming and going but I am also developing psoriosis. :(
  • It's prob just pregnancy related. I get mild acne, but i've got you one better -- I've got cradle cap!! :( 
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  • I have a new zit every day. I am sure it's hormones because I am usually clear unless pms is bad. I have also developed some eczema. So many lovely things to deal with!
  • Before I was pregnant I would get 1 zit a month( in different spots)....I still get that zit around the same time each month.

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