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Back to business!

I'm officially back to the TTC category! I can hardly believe it has been 6 weeks since I had my d&c procedure. I had my check up yesterday and the doctor says everything looks good. I've had a cycle since the procedure and I think I should be ovulating any day now. I can't say how relieved I feel to have this time behind me. I was very anxious about my check up. I know I should not have been that stressed about it but my mind kept going to the bad possibilities. I had this awful feeling that they would tell me there was something wrong. I'm glad they didn't and I feel like I can put it behind me. Time for me to move forward.

I'm very excited to try again but still nervous about facing another emotional rollercoaster. I know that nothing is garunted one way or another. I'm afraid to get attached when I get pregnant again because I don't want to feel like I did with this one but I also don't want to be so detached that I don't connect with the new baby. I know this is a TTC board but are there any mommas here who had a loss on their first then had success? Any advice would be helpful.

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  • I am unfortunately not one of those moms with a loss then success but I wanted to wish you the best of luck this cycle! I am excited for you!!!
  • Good luck to you, @tigerfish227! Just had my D&C on Monday, so still working through that but following this thread for future advice when we are TTC again!


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  • Thank you all! We decided that we didn't want the stress of trying to track everything and worry about timing and what not since I'm already trying not to worry about having another mc. That being said, I'm still fairly certain that I ovulated on Wednesday. That would have been day 13 of my cycle. Compared to before getting pregnant that is pretty normal for me and I had what felt like ovulation pains which is why I'm thinking that. Now begins the waiting game. And I hate this part!!! I hate waiting and not being able to tell anything.

    Obviously AF is the worst, but aside from that, this 2 week window between ovulation and when a HPT would come up with a BFP is the absolute worst part of TTC for me. I find myself analyzing every little thing that my body does. Are my boobs more sensitive? Am I getting cramps or is that just an upset tummy? MS? (I actually started with the nausea before my BFP in January. No full blown MS but definitely felt like I could have thrown up.) I can't help but over analyzing every little thing. I don't want to do it but that's just what my brain does to me. The next 2 weeks cannot go fast enough!
  • I had a successful pregnancy after experiencing a m/c at 7 weeks (2 years ago). We just experienced our second m/c last week and it was just as hard as our first..
    I agree that the 2 weeks after ovulation is the hardest time!! I've found it most helpful to give my worries to God. It's in his hands at this point so my advise for you is to try and distract yourself for this 2 weeks. Fill up your weekends, go for walks with friends during the week, etc. I'm hoping for the best for you. Good luck!
  • Good to hear everything is ok for you after the d&c! I don't have a success story (yet!). I'm waiting for my cycle to come back to normal (miscarried last week, first pregnancy). I do know a lot of women who have had successful pregnancies after a miscarriage, so don't lose hope!
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  • @mbrowne123 I'm so glad you had success and I'm sorry you experienced another loss too. How long did it takes after your mc to conceive again? I'm trying to keep myself busy. This weekend we had my fiance's two boys at home (he has a 50/50 split with their mother so we have them every other weekend) so that helped a little to keep me distracted. If this cycle behaves like normal then AF should be here around 5/1. It's only our first try since the loss so I'm not sure if things are back to normal or not. That might be the hardest part right now. Still at least another week to go.

    @linnea625 it took a little over 4 weeks after my d&c before my AF came back. I think they say it can take 4-6 weeks. Since this is our first cycle trying I really don't have high expectations but hopefully we will both have our success stories soon. I have several family members that had success after mc but as far as I know they all had natural mc where I had a mmc. My sister lost her first pg at about 5 weeks naturally but then conceived the next cycle. Her DS is now 4yo and she has a 20mo DD. In certainly not losing hope... It's easy to early for that. Just cautiously guarding my heart cause I don't want too be disappointed if it takes a while too.
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