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I had a work baby shower last Friday and it was very nice. I was overwhelmed with the love and support we have gotten from my coworkers. I plan on giving individual thank you cards to everyone and also a small gift to the 2 ladies that put it together. My questions are:

1. When should I get thank you cards out? - I was hoping by the end of this week, but it looks like that might not happen

2. There were at least 5 women that I knew had something to do with my baby shower as far as putting it together, bringing in food and/or getting people to give donations. Should I just give the 2 ladies a small gift along with thank you cards or all 5 women a small gift?!?

3. There was also a giftcard that was purchased by a group of people (7 or so), should I give them individual cards also, and I may need help with wording for their gift. It was a gift card and  high chair and toy.

Re: Work Baby Shower

  • 1.  Get the thank you's out ASAP.  I personally would think it's kind of rude if shower thank you's were not written within 7-10 days of the party.  

    2. I may be in the minority, but I don't understand buying gifts for people just because they organized a party for you.  Thank them, obviously, but if you must I would do a simple Starbucks giftcard or something similar with a heartfelt thank you note.  If 5 women planned your party, I would do the same for all of them. 

    3.  Write them all individual thank you's and just thank them for the gift card, high chair, and toy and say you can't wait for baby to use them, and look forward to picking out additional fun things with gift card.  
  • I agree with @Casadena on everything. The only thing I'll add is that for a work shower, in lieu of individual thank you gifts for the hostesses, you might just want to bring in a tray of cookies/bagels/fruit to put in the break room as a general thank you, in case there were more people who helped out than you were aware of. (That's in addition to individual thank you notes, of course!) If you give out five thank you gifts, then it just draws attention to the fact that you left out the chick who brought the napkins or whatever.
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