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Unemployment Question

I have been a part time employee for the past year working 24 hours a week.  Today my employer asked me to either reduce my hours to 12 a week or to transition to leave the company after another person is hired.  If I transition to leave, does that mean I wouldn't qualify for unemployment?  Would I be able to apply for unemployment for the reduction of hours if I continue to work?  

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  • I guess I'm wondering, why are you being told to leave in the first place?  It's not a layoff since they jsut want to replace you...so curious!
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  • They say the reason is because I'm not meeting their expectations with the job.  I have worked very hard the entire time, but they constantly have criticized everything that I have done.   It has been a full work load for a 24 hour job.  When I asked to see how my responsibilities would change, they have almost all of the same expectations.  They only removed a small part of my job.  So, now they expect me to do my work in half the amount of time and for half the amount of pay.  

    I personally think it has to do with reducing costs.  Once I'm with the company for one year, I become eligible for health benefits and pto.  Now that my hours will be reduced, I will no longer be eligible for those benefits.  They want to hire an intern to do some of the work.  If they were so unsatisfied with my work, wouldn't they just terminate me?  I feel like if they are so unsatisfied with my work, then why do they want me to continue to work 12 hours.
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  • Or maybe they are trying to get me to quit, so they can replace me.  
  • Talk to your HR department about how they are going to classify the separation.  I am going through something similar. They are reorging my department and making everyone reapply.  The strange thing with me is I have always worked from another state, I was hired that way, and i had to work with HR to make sure I would qualify since I would not be applying for the my current job.  My new boss somehow thought she could just make me an employee of the state where she worked. It was a pain but i got it worked out. 
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  • I know in my state, you qualify for unemployment if they reduce your hours. You should look into what unemployment is for your state.

    Personally I wouldn't want to work for a company that isn't happy with my work and is doing shady things to not give me benefits. I would be looking for a new job giving me the hours and salary I want. Good luck to you.
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