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3rd Trimester

Third trimester morning sickness?

third baby/pregnancy and I have never had nausea or morning sickness. All of a sudden in the last few days I have nausea and morning sickness but pretty much all day sickness. I am not sick with anything else. Is this normal or should I call? Sigh...almost made it to the end without ever having morning sickness! Props to those who have dealt with it!
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Re: Third trimester morning sickness?

  • It's completely normal to get MS right at the end. Everything is crowded in there. I've had MS throughout my whole pregnancy, it's worse now I'm 37 weeks, than at 12 weeks.
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    Hi, I'm 38 weeks and 2 days, and I noticed thst my baby movements are less than the last two weeks what i have to do? And last night i have sex with my partner and after that I found a big spot of blood on my clothes and now i have nothing but bad pain in my lower back and my legs is that normal???
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  • I am 36w5d. I had terrible all day sickness in my first trimester for 5 weeks straight!! It finally subsided at 12w and then I felt great.  However, this morning I woke up like usual, went to the gym and now I feel so nauseous! I really hope my morning sickness is not returning for these last three weeks! That would be terrible!
  • I have all day sickness again. It's awful. I hate it so much! 

  • I don't have nausea but i am suffered with diarrhea.
  • I had morning sickness for basically the first 23 weeks of my pregnancy. Now I'm just over 27 weeks and this is day 3 of its return. I guess we just can't catch a break..

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    I had morning sickness through week 16 and it just started up again at week 30. Sorry girl!

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