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Will she ever like motion? Daytime sleep question

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Hi, I have a former 27 weeker, a month past her due date now.  She sleeps pretty well at night, seems like one actual plus from her NICU stay, she knew the difference between night and day when she got home.  However, during the day, she will not let me lay her down to sleep.  She will only sleep while I am holding her either in my arms or the carrier.  If I lay her down she sleeps no more than about 5 minutes.  I don't mind it most of the time, I quit working to take care of her, but sometimes I have to be able to put her down.  I have a 4 and a 2 year old, which slone is enough reason to have to be able to put her down, and after moving, a traumatic pregnancy, and a 9 week NICU stay, they are not sleeping through the night and end up in my bed.  So I am not getting any sleep and cannot put the baby down so I can nap.  We bought her the mamaroo because they had them at the NICU, but she doesn't like it or the swing.  She won't sleep swaddled in her co-sleeper like at night either.  Anyone else go through this?  Is it just a phase?  Will she ever like the motion things like the swing or Mamaroo or should I just return it?  I assume because she spent so long in her isolette laying still, she just doesn't crave motion like a full term baby, is this true for anyone else?  Just want to know if I'm alone or anyone has any suggestions.
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Re: Will she ever like motion? Daytime sleep question

  • My twins (32 weekers) were the same way. We used the swing but kept it still until around two months adjusted. And they did end up eventually liking the swing. We wound up using the swing until about five months adjusted, seven months actual. We also got some little chairs - Fischer price I think? - to put them in, and we would lay them on the piano mat as another holding place.
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