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Told to gain more weight, but don't have an appetite and everything makes me sick. HELP!

Hey there! So I had my 30 week check up today. I have lost a 1/4 of a pound since my 28 week checkup, and the fundal height is at 28cm. Which is the same as it was at my 28 week checkup. So far through the entire pregnancy I've gained 5lbs. I started the pregnancy overweight so my doctor was never concerned about my lack of weight gain since the baby was growing. She just said that I'd probably weigh less after deliver then I did before I was pregnant. Which wasn't my goal, but I did change my eating habits to start leading a healthier life style and to be cautious that I didn't gain too much weight. In turn the natural weight loss happened. But Now she says I need to eat more and gain some weight. Which I thought I was eating as much as I could handle already.

I've had morning sickness and nausea throughout the entire pregnancy but I can usually find a remedy of food that I can keep down or tolerate the sick feeling but now everything makes me super sick. I seem to be able to eat better in the morning (and take advantage of that by making some eggs or making a breakfast sandwich). But I throw up (sorry if TMI) every night after dinner no matter what I do to keep it down. Basically anything after breakfast is hard to keep down.

I constantly feel like I have a protein deficiency, but meat and most dairy make me sick. Too much sugar makes me sick, and most raw veggies make me sick. Honestly I feel like everything makes me sick except carbs and fruit which doesn't make for a very well balanced diet and leaves me feeling like I'm lacking in a lot of nutrients. Anywho I guess I'm looking for any suggestions of foods or snacks that are on the healthier side that can help gain some weight but not leave me feeling too gross. Seems like an impossible task, I've looked online a bunch and researched. I've been doing the "grazing" thing or eating lots of small meals a day. But I'm hoping some of you guys might have some good ideas. 

My doc is for the first time concerned which makes me more concerned, since before today she always told me I was having a picture perfect pregnancy in terms of health.

Thanks in advanced!!!

Re: Told to gain more weight, but don't have an appetite and everything makes me sick. HELP!

  • Can you keep down liquids better? Maybe try protein drinks, fruit/veggie smoothies, etc.
  • Frogger5 said:

    Can you keep down liquids better? Maybe try protein drinks, fruit/veggie smoothies, etc.

    This worked for me. I had HG for the first seven months, with many food aversions, and kept getting dehydrated. But if I ate soups, proteins drinks, smoothies, etc, it helped with the calories and the dehydration. Gatorade also worked. And I got proteins from hardboiled eggs, cheese, beans, lentils, nuts, legumes, etc instead of meat... easier to stomach.  
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  • Thanks guys! Ill try that, I was able to stomach the smoothies and protein shakes for awhile but I think I was relying on them too much and now they make me sick too. Never though of beans, lentils, and legumes for protein I'm definitely going to give that a shot. I've completely given up on the meat thing for now unfortunately as we are a big meat family.  I've been trying dairy on an off its a hit or miss for the most part. Cottage cheese was my best friend but now I cant stand it and it grosses me out just looking at it. lol funny how things change! 
  • I actually just did a blog post on non-meat protein option recently: Also, eggs are like pregnancy magic. If you can eat two a day, in whatever format you like--even something desserty, that would be great. It sounds like that is helping some at breakfast.

    Have you looked into acid reflux at all? I thought I had unending nausea with PG1, but it turned out it was extreme acid reflux as well as a newly developed lactose intolerance. The feelings were similar enough that I couldn't tell the difference until the lightbulb went off at 37 weeks pregnant. Other weird things to look for are trigger items. I cannot drink plain water during pregnancy. If I do the reflux and nausea or vomiting starts again. This isn't common, but I'm not the only one, either.

  • Try just eating a spoon of a nut butter for protein (or spread on a banana), or even a spoon of coconut oil for the calories.  Pretty dense, and it won't fill your tummy to make you nauseous, hopefully.
  • Thanks guys! All great ideas. This has become a complete experiment that I will probably master just in time for the MS to go away and my baby to be here. lol 

    I have had a lot of heartburn which at times has triggered the throwing up. I have been using tums to help that. But I'll remember to talk to my Dr at my next app about it. Hoping to have grown some! Still sitting the same on the scales though. 

    I've been able to keep some really bland foods down, like potato with some cheese, egg in the morning (some at night but not always) some yogurt, and a bagel with cream cheese. Those are basically the foods I can keep down in small amounts. Starting to feel super hungry all the time, which is new so I'm actually wanting to eat a little more frequently rather then forcing myself like I was before. So I think that will help a lot.

    I cant wait to eat normal again!! 
  • God Bless you strong women who are still dealing with serious morning sickness. I thought i was dying the first 4 months but after that it got much better. I still dont eat meat and some things still make me sick but i have finally started to eat a decent amount again. I cant imagine what u must be going through. Im worried as well that my baby is not getting enough nutrition because i still mostly just eat carbs. But eggs after my first trimester were my lifeline. 1st tri they still stunk bad but now i can handle it.
  • Yeah eggs are about the most I can handle, when I can handle them! And thanks, I just know going through all this will definitely be worth it! 

  • I've been eating what my husband calls "Preggo Chow" it's a warm quinoa salad with finely chopped bell peppers, almond slices, pasteurized feta cheese and a squirt of lemon. It's got a lot of protein but it tastes carby.
  • I've been eating what my husband calls "Preggo Chow" it's a warm quinoa salad with finely chopped bell peppers, almond slices, pasteurized feta cheese and a squirt of lemon. It's got a lot of protein but it tastes carby.

    That sounds really good! I was able to do peppers and quinoa for a short time, but those fall in the list of making me sick now a days. 

    Seems like everyday though its getting harder to find stuff to eat and I'm more limited. As of today I'm 1.5lbs lighter then I was at my last dr app last week. 

    Gonna be on a mission this weekend to find food that works! Its become quite the topic for DH and I. He almost seems more determined then me to find stuff I can eat lol He's the main reason i havent been driven to insanity yet, I miss good food!
  • When I can't hold down much food, here are the things I eat a lot of in small quantities that are really filling and dense protein or fiber.  The grazing overall really helped me, especially when I would be getting sick all the time.  I never eat a full meal since I'll get sick afterwards, but if I break out all the time, I feel much better.  Good luck!
    • Half an English muffin or toast with peanut butter
    • Pistachios
    • Protein bars (broken out into small pieces)
    • Greek yogurt and add honey and strawberries (in a really little container since I can't handle much at once)
    • Vitamuffins (not super high in calories, but still a good filler here and there)
    • Like PPs mentioned, non-dairy smoothies with protein powder in them
    • Hummus with pita bread
    • Aussie bites (if you're in a place with a Costco)
    • Lots of soups with beans or pasta
  • I just went to the doctor today and Im 21 weeks 4 days. I lost 5 lbs in the last month. I was 159 when I got pregnant and now Im 160. The doctor didnt mention it but Im assuming thats because I was overweight when I got pregnant. This is my 4th baby and Ive never had this problem before. I usually gain too much weight. With my second I was 209 lbs when I gave birth!! So Im a little concerned but I too have been super sick this entire pregnancy. I take zofran which helps but I still cant eat much. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies. I definitely have to start eating more meats though.
  • I was taking Zofran on occasion but I have really tried to stay away from meds. Plus I found it didn't help me much. Especially now. My doc wasn't worried at first either, so I was kinda happy with my weight progress. Now I'm just straight concerned. But the only reason she was concerned was the lack of growth for the baby. She said that if I didnt gain anymore weight it was fine as long as the baby was growing. So I wouldn't worry too much! But I definitely know how you feel.

    These last few days have been the worst. I'm getting super anxious about Thursday although I'm trying very hard not to. We are keeping super positive about everything but its getting hard. DH is very good at keeping me on the positive side and keeping me sane, my mother and MIL on the other hand call/text me constantly to see if I've been able to eat anything... I understand they are just concerned but it doesn't help! lol 

    Its very frustrating knowing that I cant control the fact that I cant eat anything. I've talked to a few people and they said that the doc might make me go in weekly for IV fed nutrients.. REALLY hoping that's not the case.

    I measured myself this morning and I was still measuring at just under 28cm. That was not reassuring, but hoping I just measured incorrectly.
  • Well just to update, went to the doc. Baby grew! yay :) but they are still saying she is small. So they are going to do an ultrasound at the next app to check on everything. They also gave me some new anti nausea meds. Yesterday was the first day in weeks that I didn't throw up a single time and was able to eat a decent amount of food. Only downfall is the meds make me super drowsy, but Doc said that she wants me to take them no matter what to make sure I'm able to eat. 
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