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smelling things that aren't there?

I have the scent of laundry detergent or some sort of detergent stuck in my nose but I don't use any kind of chemical detergents in my home. So I know that it isn't an actual smell in my apartment. It is driving me crazy. I smell it so so so strongly. Why is this happening? How do I make it go away? :(

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    It may be the same as having a metallic taste, something to do with pregnancy hormones. For me it's pickles, I detest them and for weeks before I found out I was pregnant I swore my husband hid a pickle behind my couch

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  • I'm smelling things that aren't there sort of. When to my friends house the other day and she was making meatloaf, but I swore she had banana bread in the oven.
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  • Haha yes! My apartment smells like KFC mashed potatoes and gravy and I DONT KNOW WHY!!!!!!
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    I probably haven't had KFC for like 10 years!
  • I don't have a phantom smell but a phantom taste, and strangely it's like soap or detergent. We had cake at a wedding shower this weekend and I kept thinking it had a hint of soap in the flavor. Than last night I was eating honey wheat bread and it tasted like soap too. I asked others if they could taste it and everyone said no.
  • I walked into my office yesterday morning and insisted it smelled like feces. Obviously it did not, but it drove me crazy until whatever it was (if anything) dissipated.
  • I've been smelling road kill. All day at work and relating on the couch at home, even in the middle of the night in bed. It's really annoying I feel so crazy.
  • I've been smelling curry in my kitchen. Ive never made curry in this kitchen. I feel like im going insane at times..  :-$
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  • I smell feet on my couch and in my bed. It's terrible. I've washed all the pillows and blankets in our house thinking maybe someone put they're stinky feet on them. It won't go away.
  • I keep smelling moth balls! My bf thinks I'm insane! Lol
  • I smell soft pretzels everywhere. It's killing me. But hey, at least it's not roadkill. That has to be the worst.
  • I smelled miso soup all day yesterday. Weird.
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  • I was making banana bread the other night and I thought it smelt like corn dogs... Weird thing, haven't had or made those in the house in forever! Boyfriend thought I was crazy :)
  • With DD, I would smell beer all the time. I'd look over at DH at 9:00 in the morning on a Sunday and be like, really? We discovered it was my pregnant imagination. :) So far this time I haven't had any, but after reading some of those listed here, I am SO THANKFUL to not be smelling some of those things!! Yikes!
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  • I've had the stuck smell thing most of my life, it's even *better* now. I know what you mean, it's like the particles that you smell stay in your nose for an all day treat. I also have bad sinuses and regularly use a NediPot squeeze bottle. It helps tremendously for both. It's gross so I do it in the shower but worth it.
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