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need middle name for Wren

I originally had decided on Ellison Wren, but as there are so many Ellas and Ellies now, I've decided to go with Wren as the first name. I can't decide if I like Wren Ellison, even though I still love the name Ellison, so I'm trying to come up with other possibilities for middle names. Husband loves Wren but has no idea for a mn either....I'd love to see your suggestions!

Re: need middle name for Wren

  • Wren Margaret
    Wren Susanna
    Wren Adamina
    Wren Edith
    Wren Sophia
    Wren Matilda
    Wren Irene
    Wren Frederica
    Wren Gabrielle
    Wren Seraphina
    Wren Samantha
    Wren Olivia
    Wren Alice
    Wren Helena
    Wren Harriet
    Wren Geraldine
    Wren Penelope
    Wren Patrica
    Wren Tabitha
    Wren Cordelia
    Wren Callista
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  • LNic5LNic5
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    Wren Lilliana
    Wren Seraphina
    Wren Annalise
    Wren Cecelia
    Wren Valentina
    Wren Beatrice
    Wren Victoria
    Wren Giuliana
    Wren Madeleine
    Wren Aria
    Wren Annabelle
    Wren Aurora
    Wren Eliza
    Wren Elisabeth
    Wren Juliet
    Wren Jolie
    Wren Delaney
    Wren Evangeline
    Wren Adelaide
    Wren Eloise
    Wren Audrina
    Wren Annika
    Wren Lorelei
    Wren Harlow
    Wren Cassandra
    Wren Sophia
    Wren Tabitha
    Wren Demetria
    Wren Natalia
    Wren Emmeline
    Wren Michaela
    Wren Alaysia
    Wren Delilah
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  • Not a huge fan of Ellison.

    Wren Felicity
    Wren Elizabeth
    Wren Cecelia
    Wren Topanga
    Wren Madeleine
    Wren Sophia
    Wren Delilah
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  • What about Wren Elise?
  • LOVE the name Wren but didn't love it as a first name paired with my last. We're using it as a middle, so it'll be Olivia Wren.

    I think Wren Olivia sounds nice as well. 

    Love longer names for the middle since Wren is just one syllable.

    Wren Elizabeth
    Wren Sophia
    Wren Victoria
  • I am so happy you are going with Wren...

    Wren Ophelia
    wren Nicole
    wren simone
    wren francesca
    wren elizabeth
    wren celeste
    wren daniella

  • Wren is not really my style. It's not terrible but just sounds a bit strange as a first name to me. I'd keep it as the middle name. However, Ellison is not a proper name at all. How about...

    Eliza Wren
    Elena Wren
    Ella Wren
    Elsa Wren

    If you're set on Wren as the first name...

    Wren Elizabeth
    Wren Olivia
    Wren Susannah 
    Wren Brittania
    Wren Cassandra
    Wren Meredith
    Vive Les Frasers
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  • Thanks for the suggestions! I really like Wren Olivia! I also like Wren Sophia, but in my area Sophia is so overused right now.

    I realize Wren isn't everyone's cup of tea, which is partially why I like it... but there are a lot of names that I don't like even though, technically, there isn't anything wrong with them as names.

    Wren is definitely set as the first name but I do agree it is easier to think of combinations as a mn, which is why I'm having such a hard time.
  • I do like Wren Elise. That wasn't a name I had ever considered but I do like it!
  • 4N6s4N6s
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    Go choice on going with wren instead.

    Wren noelle. Grace. Violet. Theresa. Julia. Juliet. Penelope.
  • I love Wren! I think it needs a long, feminine mn. Olivia, Sophia, Alexandra, Julianna.
  • Wren's an awesome choice! My daughter's name is Wren Emilia.

  • The PP who said Wren Noelle! Beautiful! I love this!
  • 4N6s said:

    Go choice on going with wren instead.

    Wren noelle. Grace. Violet. Theresa. Julia. Juliet. Penelope.

    I do really like Wren Noelle! That and Wren Olivia are my favorites now I believe.
  • I love Wren! For mn I love the suggestions of Elise or Olivia.

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  • Wren is on our short list! We will pair it with Elizabeth, a family name.
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