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Showing at 10 weeks??

Ok so I am on my second child and needless to say I am starting all over again my son is going to be 14 in 2 months. I know when I had him I had a little bump right away ( I was 98lbs before I had him so it makes sense) even throughout my pregnancy people would say I looked way further along than I was, even my doctor would check to see if I was possibly having twins. I gained 60 lbs total in my first pregnancy. This time around I cant even hide my belly and its HARD I will be 11 weeks tomorrow, has anyone else experienced this?  I cant fit anything and I feel misrable already.... Please tell me I am normal

Re: Showing at 10 weeks??

  • Your body has gone through this before, so it's popping out a little quicker this time around. I have the same thing going around - I know I'm bigger than I was with my first at the same time. 
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  • im with you im also small and have been showing since 7 weeks to people that knew how small I was to others im sure I just looked chunky but now at 11 weeks without a doubt I look pregnant mine is hard as well
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