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Opinions on Audriana?

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Looking for honest opinions on the name Audriana. I love the way it sounds but fear it's borderline "made up". Would it be safer to stick with the classic Audrey?

Also, looking for any suggested middle names to use with both names. :) TIA!

DD #1 is Annabelle Rose.

Re: Opinions on Audriana?

  • I like Audra and Adrianna however neither with Annabelle. I prefer less matchy names.

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    Technically it is a made up name... a combination of Audrey and Adriana. Honestly, it's not terrible and probably wouldn't be side-eyed, but I think I would stick with Audrey. 

    You could always use Anna has her middle name to get the same effect but with two classic names together, instead of one made up name. Just a thought.

    Annabelle Rose and Audrey Anna
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  • i hate it, but love adriana

  • Love the idea of Audrey Anna but I was worried having "Anna" as a middle name was too close to the "Anna" in Annabelle.
  • Love the idea of Audrey Anna but I was worried having "Anna" as a middle name was too close to the "Anna" in Annabelle.

    Well, it is really close but I figured that was what you were going for. 
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  • I have been swimming in so many names lately that I'm not sure what I'm going for anymore! Grr, lol. Thanks though!
  • I don't think you should do another Anna name with a DD named Annabelle. 

    Audrey is good though.
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    I don't think it's bad. What's about Audra?
  • Audrey is much much better
  • It's not bad but a little too frou-frou for my taste. Audrey sounds so simple and classy. I MUCH prefer it.
    I would not worry about using Anna for a middle name if you want to. Think how rarely a middle name is heard. Now think how often you hear it at the same time you are hearing a sibling's name. I say who cares?
  • I love Audra and Audrey but Audriana ehhh
  • It's kind of a mouthful and a little matchy with Annabelle. I like Audrey or Audra much better. Or a non A name.
  • We've decided to stick with Audrey! Thanks everyone!
  • Audrey sounds better with Annabelle, in my opinion. Audriana has a slightly Italian feel that doesn't seem to go.
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