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Prenatal birthing & breast feeding classes

Hi moms,
Are there any recommendations for a good birthing class (that would aid a natural birth) & a breast feeding class? I'm booked in for midwife care with Intown at AMC & I'll be moving to Atlanta mid April. I will be 34 weeks pregnant by then so maybe an intensive or private classes would be good. Also if anyone knows of good drop in Prenatal yoga classes too, then that'd be great?
We'll be living in the midtown/inman park area if that helps for any suggestions. Thanks so much for your help.

Re: Prenatal birthing & breast feeding classes

  • I think you have to find a natural birthing class that speaks to you.  We did Hypnobabies and it was great for us, but it's rather time consuming and you have to really believe in the philosophy.  Not sure if you can fit it in starting at 34 weeks.  I've had friends have done birthing from within and confident childbirth and liked those.  

    We did the breastfeeding class at Northside and it was great.  We also did the baby basics class because we were totally clueless, and I would also recommend the infant CPR class.  Friends took classes at DeKalb medical and also liked those.  

    There's a great drop in prenatal yoga class at Decatur Hot Yoga. 

    There's also The Pregnancy Massage center in Virginia Highland, which you didn't ask about, but I would definitely recommend :) 

    Good luck. 
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  • I also did the classes at Northside. They have a breastfeeding class that's meant for couples which I found helpful because it let DH have a better understanding of what I was about to undertake and how he could be supportive/helpful. I also second the recommendation for the Pregnancy Massage Center. It's wonderful. .
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  • ccoyccoy member
    Great tips, thank you!
  • Emerge Birth is a great childbirth class to enroll in... my husband and I just completed it and learned so much in a very comfortable and open environment. It's fun to share what options you've chosen, and what other choices are available to you. Lots of great pain coping practices, birth art, games, discussions, and it even covers some nursing and postpartum information. It's located in Midtown. Good luck and congrats!
  • Oh baby fitness

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  • Bringing back an old thread, but I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for child birth classes intown (not necessarily natural methods)? I'm delivering at Piedmont, but live in the O4W so the closer to the center of the city, the better.
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