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Decrease in milk supply.

Wondering what really works to help increase milk supply. For the past few weeks it's really seemed to go down. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Re: Decrease in milk supply.

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    Drinking a lot of water!! Pumping. I've heard fenugreek supplements can help although I've never taken it before.

    Eta: have you been nursing less? It's common that supply can go down once LO starts solids...
  • Oatmeal (and not instant), lots of water, fenugreek (if consistent can increase, you will smell like maple syrup), mothers milk tea. You can look online for milk supply cookies which are mostly made of oatmeal. Power pump. Keep nursing and keep pumping when not nursing.
  • I've been nursing the same amount but when I pump at night I've noticed it's not as much. @blonde4685 what is power pumping?
  • Take a nursing vacation with baby. Are you an EP? If not and baby can nurse, try and do that, I had success when I had time. Also fenugreek and oatmeal.
  • What's a EP @Erin0303? I don't get on here very often so don't know the lingo. I picked up some fenugreek and gonna try and power pumping session tonight. Also making some lactation cookies tomorrow.
  • Exclusive pumper (vs actually nursing baby). Some women only pump. Pumping doesn't release as much milk as when LO nurses so sometimes pumping isn't a fair indicator for how much milk you're actually making.
  • I make a smoothie with things that help with milk: oatmeal, almonds, spinach, bananas, strawberries, yogurt. And plenty of water. And snack in the things that help with supply. Also have you tried lactation cookies? (I haven't yet but hear they help)

    Also, it might be TMI but have you started your menstrual cycle? I read that the estrogen decreases the supply. Mine is low the week I'm on my cycle, like the first 4 days. Sorry TMI,

    And I read the same about pumping. It helps but it's not the same as the little one sucking motion.
  • Power pumping is pumping every hour for 10 min. Or after you nurse you could pump 10 min
  • Water! Water! Water! Drink lots of it! That always helped me. Good luck:)
  • Thanks ladies im working on a few of these things the last 24 hours so hopefully it will help. I only pump at night and in the early morning usually because it gives me enough to give him a bottle of breast milk at bedtime. (He sleeps better that way) But lately I can't pump enough for that feeding so that's why in trying to increase. And also to get my freezer stash back up a bit.

    I did have my period last month but not this month which they say is normal but maybe that is why the decrease.
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