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Riding with Baby + Dog in car

I am trying to figure out how to travel safely with my 70 lb. lab mix
and my baby boy (in his infant car seat).  We recently got a crossover
SUV that's not too huge, but it has more room than a sedan. 

now, we usually ride with our dog in the backseat unrestrained with a
seat cover which covers the whole backseat.  The cover keeps our dog
from getting the car too messy.

Options I can think of of putting dog + baby in car:
One option would be to buy a very safe harness for our dog and allow
him to still ride in the backseat with the infant car seat on one side
and him on the other. In the case of a car crash, he at least wouldn't
be a projectile that could hurt the baby. Then again, is it safe to put a
car seat on top of a seat cover?  I've seen some available online like (http://www.kurgo.com/car-seat-covers/kurgo-bench-seat-cover/). We really like having a seat cover so that our car seats don't get destroyed, super wet, muddy, etc.
Another suggestion is to always put the dog in the trunk, but I think
with all of the strollers and other baby gear, that we would greatly
need that space.  I also wouldn't be able to put the dog in a harness.
Put 70 lb dog in front seat with harness. It's not ideal for our dog
because he would get uncomfortable (he is too big to lay down) after a
little bit.
4) Am I missing another option?? Besides not traveling together.
That's not an option for our lifestyle as we often go to my parents'
house for an extended stay and need a way to make an hour-long trip
safely with the four of us (me, husband, dog, baby).

My specific questions:
1) Is it safe to put an infant car seat on top of a car seat cover?
2) What is the best way to ride with my dog and baby that's both safe and semi-convenient?

so much!! I have been googling this all day and I really can't get a
good, clear answer. I'd love to hear what you all do and plan to do.
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Re: Riding with Baby + Dog in car

  • We always did the same as you wth our two (45lb Staffordshire Bull Terrier and 90lb Rottweiler cross) but when we found out we were expecting, we started to put them in the boot. It's big enough for them and doesn't mean them being restrained (which they don't like) as we have a guard to stop them getting into the backseat. Buggy, bags etc can go on the backseat, too. I wouldn't want my dogs getting annoyed with the restraints whilst we're on the motorway and they're that close to the baby. The boot seems perfectly safe to me!
  • Your large dog should be traveling in a container that protects it from harm in a collision. It's a safety hazard for everyone (baby or not).



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  • I would put him in the back in a crate.  And regarding the seat cover, check the vehicle's manual to see what the recommendation is in there.  
  • ldmwldmw
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    Put dog in a harness. We've done robs for our dog the whole time we had her - safe for her and us.
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    There are dog harnesses, but they really just make sure that the dog doesn't become a projectile. The safest thing for the dog and the passengers is to be crated in the hatch.

    Also, you cannot install the infant seat with anything underneath.
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  • I wonder about the safety of our little boy riding with our golden retriever, too. I only have a car though, so there is no back to put my dog in. I've researched a lot of dog safety belts, and I am going with this harness for my dog: http://sleepypod.com/clickit
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