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8 month old not wanting to eat

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could this be an regression thing or teething thing? I am not sure how to go about dealing with this because he has had such an Appetite for so long that not eating now is a huge difference.

Re: 8 month old not wanting to eat

  • My lo was the same when he was teething. It lasted about a week or so.
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    Thanks hopefully he be out of it soon
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    My son also lost interest in eating while his front tooth came in.

    I spoke with a nurse about it, and she said it's really common and it should improve with in 1-3 days. The nurse said the act of nursing causes such friction on the gums that a lot of babies will reduce their milk consumption. However, she also said to bring him in if it lasted longer than three days so they could make sure nothing else was going on.
  • Solids before a year are not for calories or nutrition. If you BF let him tank up on BM, if you FF-- offer smaller bottles more frequently.

    Teething can cause the entire head, jaw area to be sore. So opening to eat/chew/suck can be quite painful. I'd medicate (Advil) & see if that doesn't help some.

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  • My 8 month old is doing the same. I am assuming it is teething as he has also been generally really fussy and smacking his gums a lot. Poor little fella! It's been super stressful because he was already on the low end for weight to begin with. But hopefully he will be back to normal soon. Appreciate the 3 day timeline. 
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